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    Trials Fusion

    Does anyone else have the issue where Trials Fusion does not load? Steam says it is running, but no window is created. I try launching it from Steam, No luck. I try launching it from Uplay, no luck. I even try the trials_fusion.exe and that doesn't work. Sometimes it works but rarely does. This Game used to work but then it does this. I've tried reinstalling it numerous time and it does not solve the issue. I reinstall Steam and uplay and both don't solve the issue. Anyone know why this happens? Thanks. I really want to play this game because it is very fun (when I am able to play it.)
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    And how to fix the issue
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    Hi there! I've redirected your post to the correct forum for assistance.
    First, please make sure you meet the requirements for Trials Fusion. If you do, please try the following PC steps. I would also double check that your graphics are up to date. If you still cannot run the game, please make a ticket with your msinfo and dxdiag files attached. Thanks for your post
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