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    Matchmaking rank-cap to reduce rank disparity


    TLR version at bottom

    I'm a rank 12. Whenever i play for the 3-win pack prize, it will take me anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. That is a lot of time to invested for the given reward. Most of that time is spent losing to players that heavily outrank me. I'm often placed against rank 14 to rank 16 players, and even a rank 17 at one point. I will occasionally play against a rank 13, 12 or 11, about a quarter of my matches.

    With the exception of those players who deliberately lose matches or those who spent a lot of money on this game but skill-wise play poorly, there isn't much of a chance against these higher ranked players.

    I suggest to place a rank-cap on matchmaking. If i'm a level 12, i should be matched with players who are at most 1-2 ranks higher or lower than me. Meaning that i can't be placed against players who are higher than rank 14 or lower than rank 10.

    I would also suggest making this system variable depending on how high the rank is. At rank 6, playing against a rank 8 is pretty tough, so maybe at lower ranks, the cap should be +/- 1 rank from the current player's rank. At 12, i can take on some 14s, so i don't see an issue with +/-2 rank difference. I would imagine that at higher ranks, such as 17, they could handle a bigger rank difference, so +/-3, though i'm not there yet so i can't speak with certainty.

    TLR version
    make matchmaking rank-capped to the player's rank. I.E. +/- 1-2 ranks from the player's current rank.
    So a rank 12 player can only be placed with players ranked 10-14.

    Thank you for reading.
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    I have won quite a few matches against higher level players 14-15-16.

    The problem is:
    It is fine if they are multi deck like me..
    All their cards lower levels... but multiple decks.
    In that way it does not matter because the higher level player has matching card levels.

    A better improved system would look at overal card levels inside the deck and match up based on that.
    You could for example count the total card levels (certain number) and that of yourself (certain number)
    and match up based on that.

    But then again it would make the game to fair.. and ubisoft wants it to be more pay to win so people spend more.

    Cons of this system : to fair not pay to win enough.
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