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    so many whiny babies...

    if you're not going to play the game anymore, why are you posting on the forum? Just stop playing and move on. Otherwise you're just a salty baby crying for attention.
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    Stop talking about salty babies you sick weirdo!
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    Exactly! It blows my mind why people would spend so much time and angry energy blasting a game on a dev forum that they don't even like anymore. Maybe go play something else and save yourself the ulcer?

    The assumptions are also hilarious. I'm doing better than you, thus I must be cheating? Never heard a more defeatist attitude than that one. Have you gentlemen tried leading software development before? From personal experience I can promise you it's harder than it looks, and claiming everything could have been fixed easily by now is more than a little naive. But that's fine, feel free to post the rage away despite the regular stream of info we get from the devs which includes a server side move to curb hacking.
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    I know! It blows my mind how many people will take the time to respond to these valid posts even though they have no point! Lol!
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    So now game development is hard!? Well if it is so hard for you and them, leave it to the people capable of doing it! You will not see me go into emergency rooms and operate on people, just because i want to ....

    They had time - this game is not two weeks old - it is a six months old game with the same crap happening to it since alpha and it is getting worse!

    People are frustrated because the developers took a BIG TRADEMARK NAME, which a favorite show of many people, and they tried to leech of people with a half done prototype of a game!
    You fail to see that the whole idea of the game was to be release as fast as possible to ride the fremium games and steal money from people! Yes you are stealing money from people when you do not give back a decent product for the money people spend !

    You, as well as the developers, can take 6 months more to complain how hard it is and how people do not understand and complain for nothing !
    They mostly blame everyone else but them - IOS versions, connectivity issues, timezone and whatever crap they find new but refuse to put it on them for a second!

    Here is an example of how things should be done :
    So because there are probably rules to not mention a rival game company, I will name this company Snowstorm!

    So Snowstorm does all thing possible to release a game that is A FINISHED PRODUCT! They delay and excuse themselves, but later they take pride from the good product they made!
    While you will say - o but this is a Pc game that is bought and requires a monthly subscription!!
    I will answer you this - to play SPPD to the levels that are "normal and competitive" I will have to spend literally the same amount of money I spent on Snowstorms game for 13 years !
    This game is not free if you want to play it - SPPD that is !

    People are mad because they care ! And Ubisoft or whoever is sitting behind this game should take notice !!! The worst thing they an have is for people not to care and leave complaints. Not caring for something is the worst ! But with this kind of management this will soon follow. People will realize the ruse and say " **** it" "**** em" and "**** everything and everyone related with this poorly MANAGED game"!!!
    No one came here to bash people without purpose or for fun!
    I get mad every time a cheater or exploiters spits in my face by mocking me and it is because of the game developers!
    I did my part - give them feed back and names and whatever I could !
    All i got back was - do our job for us and film them so we can just latr push a button and do the rest and nothing else ever changed !!! FOR SIX MONTHS >?!?!?
    I am seriously thinking of applying at UBISOFT where it seems that such a management and development are being tolerated!
    In no other workplace on earth you would be allowed to get away with such crap product for such a long time !
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    I've been enjoying the hell out of this game since launch, sorry to see you aren't as well. The assertion that it is unplayable or that things are in a state that the house is burning down is one that I'm pushing back on. There have been steady improvements over time that I expect will continue, and it's really silly to read that you don't think devs are listening when we get all kinds of communication back from them on how they intend to improve things (and have already done in many cases).

    Alright guys, I did come to this forum to see if there was an interesting discussion to be had, but it looks like it's just a place to bash on the devs and moan. Back to Reddit!
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    Lol. Have fun going onto some Reddit forum with all legendarys saying how fair the game is (I assume , I haven't checked) when they play non-legendary players. We will miss you sorely sir!
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    Bah, that'll teach me not to log out when I'm done with a place... you get a notification and can't help but check it again!!!

    You really should come check out the reddit subforum if you haven't already. And no, it's nothing like what you describe or assume (of course, since you speak in hyperbole). Almost 15,000 users and lots of discussion. Some positive, some negative, and a lot actually productive.

    Ok, now I'm really logging out
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    The game has a great potential, but it is poorly developers and managed !

    Also have in mind that the matchmaker is regional /and based on the logic of a 2 year old child/ - You might be lucky to live in a region that is more progressive or developed and have some people that have developed a moral compass or ethical responsibility.

    But in my case - Eastern Europe, combined with Russia you have no idea how unplayable this game is!

    You can put your rose tinted glasses on and read all the positives you want to, but the sad outlook is that some people are really really being unable to enjoy the game !

    What were they thinking when not putting the game on server !? It is not like it is the first game that ha been subject to hackers! All games move important stuff server wise, but not redlynx...

    We live in a highly competitive world and I do not think that people are perfect and all things crated should be flawless, BUT ....

    You can be as condescending as much as you want and try to get the high moral of other being sore loser and noobs, not understanding the game or whatever makes you sleep at night, but the reality is the games has more holes than a 4 000 year Swiss cheese and the people who can ARE exploiting them and mock the normal players!

    I do not like to be made fun of! And when the other side starts spamming cards like there is no tomorrow, laughs at me and uses all the negatives emoticons in the game to mock me, how should I feel?! Is there in the Terms of use and agreement that I shall me made a fool and be mocked ?!

    What would you do if at the car shop you go and buy a car and the seller tells you - well the car can not be locked or turned off and if someone exploits this car failures, it is because you failed to protect your car, by standing non stop inside it !?

    Makes sense ?

    A normal human being answer on their behalf would be - hey we ****ed up! Sorry, we didn't mean to! We know how bad this is for you guys and we have such and such plans and this will be fixed in this time table, but because anything can go wrong at latest this time schedule !!!!

    All we get is - a Big ****ing update is coming - the big thing and smart in it is only the words we use in the name, the ****ing thing is that we didn't actually do anything to fix the problems and it is an update because it is SO ****ING LATE !!!!

    People will not cry on Reddit because it is not the place to complain - there are these forums. And look at them - more than half of the posts are negative and complaining!
    Do not judge people, that in the core of their complaints are trying to help the game be what it was supposed to be, rather than explaining to me how things are great and everything is perfect - people do not cheat or exploit bugs, do not use energy hacks or zombie modifiers, do not directly disconnect you when you are even a little obstacle in their way, or how people sandbag to be able to finish an event or that people use only 2 decks because they are overpowered and so on and so on....
    I do not believe you because you did not put any fact in your statements but bash people that express such.
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    Thanks for standing up for the constructive players who actually put effort and arguments in and dont just blame players like ubisoft and ubidomz do.
    I put a lot of time into reporting hackers... probably more time than ubisoft has spend on fixing anything.
    Well said!
    I cant believe this guy says such bs... theres literally a site made by an old phone destroyer player who started hacking...
    And a site about ubisoft ignoring all the claims...
    The proof is easy to find..

    Ubisoft has ignored and even banned some complaining players shoving connection issues in their throats.
    And indeed like you are saying they should apologize but instead they come with more excuses and blaming us.

    Its easy to find the sites... just google it...

    Many legendary players have quit and stated the same problems as I did... sometimes even with the same arguments...

    Where do you think i got my facts and arguments from?! Not all from myself.. from evidence from legendary players from research...
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