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    My game also randomly crashes. This is very annoying when I play difficult missions and then boom..
    It starts like this: stuttering for a few seconds, then normal again, then stuttering again and going back to desktop without any error message.
    Will Ubisoft ever patch this?
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    Hey Karambo_Bomba, have you tried any troubleshooting?
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    I figured out why it's crashing, stuttering and freezing

    I went through all the crap they have you check and nothing was out of place. I watched a video by Bitwit on Youtube where he found out Fortnite was crashing on him. He was running his RAM at 3200Mhz and he had to turn it down to 3000Mhz to stop it from crashing. I did the same for this game and all the crashing, stuttering and frezzing stopped. So if your RAM is set over 3200Mhz turn it down to at least 3000Mhz and you should be okay. Maybe someone on Ubisofts programmers will fix this issue.
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    Today I was playing GRW with my friend, and I was curious to see the game work with him as well, as he was putting up a new computer with Ryzen 2700X, because it has always shown a lack of support for Zen architecture. On my surprise, the game worked for my friend and me, too. The only thing I've changed is that I've updated the UEFI motherboard. And recently uploaded the GRW update. But UEFI updates as well as other updates have been done in the past and have not helped. But this time it works. It may be helpful, version UEFI L4.73B, ASrock AB350M Pro4.
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    Seems in my case it was SLI messing stuff up, as soon as I turned it off (and lost 40 fps in the process) I didn't have any crashes...
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