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    Not just ryzen

    I am having a similar issue and I have intel i7 3820. I normally get about 60fps, but as of yesterday I get 30-40fps. Nothing that I know of has changed, my gpu is a nvidia 980 and its drivers are up to date.

    Thank you
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    Originally Posted by Morfanos Go to original post
    I'm going to assume you have a 60Hz monitor?

    If it's the case, that's why you're locked at 60fps maximum. Disable vsync and see if you get your 130fps back.
    If he is able to get around 130 fps then he should have no problem holding a steady 60.

    I think what is going on is he is getting these large hiccups to his frame rate regardless of his FPS.

    If I was him I try to use RTSS to control the frame rate without v-sync.

    Doing some research into this, it appears some users in some games reduce stuttering and input lag by disabling multi-threaded optimization for some titles.
    "............If you are still experiencing stuttering in-game, you can try and turn off ‘Threaded optimization’, this will not affect your overall FPS........"
    "...........Correct frame timing with threaded optimization on can be a real *****............"

    Just a guess, but there is some history behind it.
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    Just saw your post which was from February, did you find a solution in the end? Thanks x
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    im late to this but i didnt find a solution but it got fixed when i switched to a better pc (ryzen 5 2600 + rx 580) so a pretty balls deep solution
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