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    Emergency Maintenance - February 6th, 2018 [COMPLETE]

    Greetings Agents,

    The servers will shut down for emergency maintenance on Tuesday, February 6th at 10:00 AM CET / 04:00 AM EST / 01:00 AM PST. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

    Changelogs for the maintenance can be found here.

    Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

    Thank you,
    The Division Team
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    can't get in

    I can't get in since Saturday, what is going on?
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    Its really ****ed up

    Im a mom, i have no much space for gaming.

    this is the third way i wanna Play for an hour and then this Server ****ed me BORING!

    Sorry but this sucks really ;(
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    Always thought gameplay is a priority(emergency to fix).
    gameplay include things like: fixing PRNG, classified gearset drop rates, DTECH drop-rate & requirements per optimization, uncapping currencies.
    fixing BAR jamming, fixing ammo of your current weapon(sometimes when you transfer to group is not full anymore), weapon talent swift is not -25% is still -20%.
    or 3p nomad healing.. so far i found 3 different values of healing(50%, 75% 100%) 5k hp/s healing, really?
    melee hitreg... and many more things since day one still around.
    I guess I was wrong.

    This emergency Maintenance just proves things they can fix things if they want to fix them.
    and for players please stop being so naive and think more.
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    I am glad you are addressing this promptly. I was completely steamrolled in the last stand; full optimized Nomad, while still under Nomads luck Cut down in .5 seconds.
    happened during multiple 1v1 encounters; this was never an issue Before that broken set was introduced
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    Nicely done ubi.

    Neat, my reply was deleted. XD Work on the damn gameplay, put a limit to the damn dps like you did to the toughness and change the class like pred. and striker that goes full tank and still melt people in second.
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    Some stuff

    Also makes class like banshee actually worthwhile like its suppose to be instead of finding everyone with striker and pred(even nomad) because the classes are stupidly made.
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    UPDATE: Due to unexpected complications we have to extend the maintenance by 1h until 2PM CET / 8AM EST / 5 AM PST.
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    So you need 4 hours to do these changes?
    Fixed an issue involving the Classified AlphaBridge gearset.
    Fixed a UI issue in which gear optimizations may reset between sessions.
    and a 2,1 gb update??
    I mean i am not expert but if it takes you 4 hours for that then on bigger patches how many hours we will have to wait??
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    Where is the "Thumb Down" button.... I have no problem regarding fixing things but for a AB and a UI update to take 4h and I download of 2Gb there has to be something you are not telling...
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