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    College Campus Confusing Server Problems

    Hey folks,

    So I have a weird issue going on, my PS4 won't connect to the Siege servers, but only sometimes. I know port forwarding is a huge issue with Siege and the game doesn't work on some campus's but if that were the case with me I would not be able to connect at all.

    The download and upload speed seem to have zero impact on whether I can connect or not and when it works its always worked for the duration of me playing. I have no clue when it ceases to work but my assumption is sometime in the middle of the morning as I sleep.

    I am using ethernet and the game used to work perfectly a while ago and then stopped working for about a year and now we are at this point. To my knowledge, my school has not updated any internet settings and no other game is impacted.

    If anyone has any advice or anything at all please don't hesitate to respond!

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    1 server is not enough for the colleges because lots of students are studying in the college and also they along with using the internet that's why they facing many problems. They should hire the more servers. Well, thanks for sharing the nice post and I am expert writer from essay writing service and we are work for the students on their academics problems.
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    Some time siege servers don't work on PS4. Sometimes servers are not working properly when you use other servers It may not work properly due to another server. You should contact with suppot team of servers They can fix your problems. Wooden Blinds in Dubai deal with blinds for home,office and commercial I recommend you to use other server which works better when you use on campus.
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    I deleted the world folder for my multiplayer server and started Minecraft_server. It said starting server on 25565. I then created a world of multiplayer and entered the IP: 25565, like you are supposed to. I joined the game with no problem and began to play for a little while. I then wanted my brother to join, so I put his username on the whitelist and told him to join :25565. personality development classes The screen said connection refused:connect. I want to know how to run a server so my brother can join but I do not have to use hamachi or bukkit. I just want a working private server so only people in my homegroup can play. Thanks!
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    Of course soon we all are going to use it! For example I see this and was wondering!
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