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    Nerf the fire ball

    This spell is way too powerful, it can one-shot any cards except tanks. The area of effect is so large, it can easily blow up both shooter and fighter since most shooter only has attack range between 3.5 to 4. And the spell has no way to counter, unlike poison, make this spell the most cost effective card.
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    I approve this message.

    Also, Heidi should cost 3 or be neutral.
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    Well fireball level 4 cant kill level 5 fighters. And it is a rare card, so its really tedious to upgrade it after 4. So even now if you hit lvl 5 fighters, cards like regen or any other healers will counter it and you get nothing. Also, learn to space your units, Its a direct counter to grouping units behind a tank, one of few (if leveled properly) direct counters to mystic decks.
    Just really imagine adventure/fantasy combo without fireball. They would get obliterated by all ranged units in the game, struggling to even move past Zen cartman.
    And using your logic - make poison worse because it can kill my ranged units for 3 mana and it is even trade with just one unit like timmy or wendy. And it can also kill my rats and assassins too. And it has bigger radius than fireball.
    Or nerf every status effect as my combination doesnt play mystic with purify so I cant counter it (shaman token is too clunky as counter to anything)
    And after you make heidi 3 mana or neutral,make zen cartman 5 mana or neutral, or make enforcer jimmy 3 mana or neutral. Heck, make all cards neutral. That will be finally straightlined balance. That all themes will be same, as there will be no themes.
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    The problem with fireball is thqt hackers often use it so people think its op and needs nerfing.
    But its actually pretty okay if you dont energy hack.

    Poisen on the other hand should be 4 energy and its radius should be severely reduced.
    Its way to cheap and only 1 effective counter in this game forcing all of us to play mystic.
    Poisen is fireball without 2 energy and does more damage.
    The rest is obviously not needed...,
    Heidi is fine and jimmy is fine. Making jimmy 3 energy would technicly be fair since he has a skill but doing it to heidi is totally unfair since her stats are worse and she has no skill.
    Oh and mecha timmy and medusa bebe ... those cards really need some nerfing. More powerfull than a level 5 timmy at level.1.. seems legit....poisen, mecha timmy, medusa bebe... those cards are OP right now and need some nerfing. The rest is fine.
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    -Arrow storm -4 energy- no counter
    -Lightning bolt- 4 energy- no counter
    - Fireball - 5 energy - no counter

    Sci fi
    - Poison - 3 energy - purify(1), regen(3)
    - Hyperdrive- 4 energy - purify?(1)
    - Mind control - 4 energy - purify (1)

    - Power bind -1 energy - purify (1)
    - Regen - 3 energy - purify(1), poison(3)
    - Hallelujah - 4 energy- no counter
    - Unholy combustion-5 energy- no counter

    - **** magic - 5 energy - no counter
    - Transmogrify - 5 energy - no counter

    That's the spells in the game. People complain about having to use mystical but as you can see if you want to counter spells, you play mystical. That's the point. They don't have a lot of heavy hitters.

    Fireball is powerful but you pay for it in energy. The two changes I would like to see is hallelujah raised to 5 to be in line with other non counter spells and lightning bolt to become neutral. It's a good counter to mephesto(neutral) at an even trade of energy.
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    Learn what a counter is, regen is not counter of poisen it's the opposite.
    It's way harder te level regen.

    -Arrow storm -4 energy- no counter False don't play to many assasins, afterwards use regen = gain 1 energy, minimal damage any placement of fighters will do and not overspending energy

    -Lightning bolt- 4 energy- no counter False lightning bolt cost is so high it's complete trash. There is absolutely no need to see this move as dangerous as almost all troops under cost less than 5 energy and troops above that have more hp can't be killed..

    - Fireball - 5 energy - no counter again false
    Spreading troops out will work perfectly fina as a counter meaning everyone can do it.

    Sci fi
    - Poison - 3 energy - purify(1), regen(3) regen is not a counter as it is way harder to level and has the same energy usage. Cannot be outplayed like fireball because the range is to big so no general strategy can be aplied. Nerf in purify also makes it less of a counter. can easily be spammed unlike regen wich needs troops to work and some amount of cards on board.
    - Hyperdrive- 4 energy - purify?(1) Hyperdrive can be avoided by simple strategy... a complete trash card used by almost no one.
    - Mind control - 4 energy - purify (1)
    Wait it out or use zen cartman or any normal strategy will do, no need for purify.

    - Power bind -1 energy - purify (1)
    - Regen - 3 energy - purify(1), poison(3)
    - Hallelujah - 4 energy- no counter false, cockmagick, and all other high damage skills like fireball, lightning bolt or forming a push,
    Any strategy will work.
    - Unholy combustion-5 energy- no counter
    False, do not play decks with expensive card.
    Don't rely on zen cartman or tanks.
    Any general strategy works.

    - **** magic - 5 energy - no counter False, cockmagick can also be blocked by general strategy because it also turns your opponents units into *****.
    Play the moment your opponent has troops on board, dont overspend energy if you play cheap cards like heidi and always wait until you have full energy.. the moment your opponent plays cockmagick you have an energy advantage. Dumb ******ed players playing their entire deck without waiting will get wrecked...
    - Transmogrify - 5 energy - no counter
    Same as UC, weak skill generally never used and generally only good for grand wizard and manbearpig as all other options either do not give any advantage or give negative energy advantage.

    Learn to play the game son
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    Counter as defined by the dictionary - to meet attacks or arguments with defensive or retaliatory steps

    Not grouping your fighters together or not using assassin's is not a counter. Not playing decks with expensive cards is not a counter.

    You are the absolute worst. If someone makes a comment and doesn't say that poison is trash and there are tons of hackers, you chime in with nonsense and don't let up. You are a disease to this forum and I will never comment again to avoid having to read your mindless rebuttal. My last words to you will be ones I am sure you have heard before. Go away.
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    Well, poison cost 2 mana less, is a common and has like double the are of effect of fireball. Sure, is counterable, but also is fireball with actual good positioning and thinking. If you just throw all your units within fireball radius you deserve to be fireballed. If it hits two cards, wich is actually pretty unavoidable sometimes, is not even that good.
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    No need to nerf fireall, with MEca Timmy and Stan of many Lol, it is needed.
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    All my game are agaisnt Meca Timmy and SF......good job for balancing legendaries.
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