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    [Changelog] - January 25th - Maintenance

    Here are the changes to be implemented with the January 25th maintenance.

    • Fixed an issue where the "Manhunted" commendation would not progress using the new Rogue 2.0 system.
    • Fixed an issue that would enable agents to spawn unlimited number of enemies in Resistance.

    / The Division Team
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    ... so he game goes down 2 hour in the middle of Global event for..... dis?
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    perfect timing to take the servers down. right at the moment i requested two days off.
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    During a GE?

    So I lose my GE night for you guys to do something NOBODY is doing right now? Good timing guys. Awesome, not last week or the week before, but during an event that only happens once every 1-2 months. There was no time then to do so? It's a manhunt commendation, wtf?
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    Do you always have to do some updates while events? Please unblock the rest of the unused portion of the map in the game, when the player's could visit for the very game engine itself. And could you also consider of adding the Nvidia Ansel tool into the game please!
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    More info

    Is this really all you shut it down for? No one is cheating to get GE's or anything, just the rogue commendation? You're doing a PVP update during a SUPER special PVE event, who thought that this wouldn't get lash back?
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    What time do we expect it back up in the UK? The image verification sucks btw. I had to enter loads of times..
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    come on no one do manhunt while GE.

    you guys are just worst planner like people who doing marriage on Monday.
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    Extend the GE

    How about you extend the GE another day or 2 to make up for this massively poor timing on maintenance?
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    Probably also to fix some other issues related to the worries guys...2 hours of your life isn't that much. (Looking forward to servers being up though :-) )
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