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    Unable t ostart game after server problem 2018-01-23

    After the Ubisoft server problem the 23rd of January I have been unable to start the game. The game starts up the loading screen but will only have a small spinning wheel in the bottom right hand corner. I have tried both re-installing the game and the graphics drivers and run full check of the game and graphic card but can not find any problems. Ghost Recon is the only game that is affected by this and I have no problems with any other games.

    Does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions on how to solve the problem?
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    i have the same problem

    i have done the same for trying to open the game and i starts to open and then opens for about a third of a second and then closes again i hope someone who works at ubisoft can help but ubisoft customer service sucks at ubisoft.
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    Again.... Ubisoft Paris!

    Merci d'avoir tué Ghost Recon!
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    Did you get any help from Ubisoft or how did your problem turn out?

    If I get a reply from them regarding this problem I'll make sure to post it here as well so that hopefully if anyone else has the same problem they can get it fixed.
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    Hello friends, I have the same problem on this end. GWL starts and the opening screen only starts for about 3 seconds then the game just close. Hopefully UBISOFT tech will take care of this problem and we can continue to finish our tier playing. I hate to start the tier all over again since I already down to tier 15.
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    I'm having the same issue. Is there a fix for this yet?
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    UbiquitousLuke's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey skeppar, thanks for reaching out to us about this! You will want to start pursuing resolution of this issue by attempting a reinstall to see if that will restore normal function. If the issue persists you can exhaust typical sources of performance issues with our PC troubleshooting FAQ. Ultimately, if you are unable to resolve the matter you will want to look deeper by creating a ticket at the bottom of our support page. Best of luck and happy gaming going forward!
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    having same problem ive verified all files. ran the fix/ uninstalled the game and re installed. just starts to run then closes instantly.
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    Same problem here, i tried everthing to make it work. Reeinstalled the game 3 times on differents SSDs even on my main SSD where windows is located. Didnt help either.
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