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    Hammers of Fate

    Hello, the developers know the problem since November 2017 because I contacted them about it and to date they still have not given me an answer except that "they recognize the problem and will contact me when a solution will be found "What has not been done yet ......
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    Same issue.
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    Same issiue

    Issiue still standing, plus workaround doesnt work anymore
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    They wont fix this Im sure they wont. This is impossible, for so long time they didnt find any solve for this. I think they've got this deep in the ***. Devs have many newer games which pays they whole attention. I think they have no time for such old games. We, who bought HoF in ubi-store - imo we lost money and just it. Only way is to download HoF by torrent or buy it in other platform.
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    Same problem here - literally i bought a product that i cannot use.

    Even proposed solution isn't working - there is no 'testversion' opt on updated uplay client.
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