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    same issue...
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    Bought the game today, same problem, Cannot install Heroes of Might & Magic V: Hammers of Fate. Original game not found. That's really odd game is not new and by that time those small problems should have been fixed, looks like it is better to get game from torrent... Sad and I have paid for it. Did any one found solution for it ?
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    Before I purchased the Hammers of Fate expansion pack, I contacted UBI Support and asked them if the DLC will work with my original HMM 5 that I installed via disk. They said it will work. So, I purchased it and it says, original game not found. What!!! I have the original game and I already contacted support before I purchased it. I contacted them again regarding this issue and of course, no reply.
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    Problem with first datadisk

    Hi Ubi,

    can you help me with install first datadisk (hammers of fate) ? or you can give me the money to buy these games. This is nothing but a scam when I pay for a dysfunctional thing.If you do not solve the problem, I will file a complaint at your hearing.

    I'm installing the basic game and the error pops up when the installation starts. below.!AmXeJ2tkT74Di_FKD9Dm5PNxkrSaDg
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    Same problem...can't believe it is not solved yet.
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    Just bought the game, I have the same problem. Shame, shame, shame on you. Stop selling this game if you don't care to make it work. This is close to criminal behaviour.
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    Found solution or at least workaround that makes the game work and will install it

    Hello guys,

    I must tell you first that I opened a ticket to Ubi support and long-story-short, in the end they just told me that this issue is under investigation and once they have a solution will let me know (but I know where this answer leads ... and you guys also know that).

    Now, for a solution to this, FINALLY:

    I found an workarround even with latest UPlay version for 2018 ( ) and is as follows:

    Before starting please note that you need Heroes of Might & Magic V Release version 1.0 May, 2006 install kit, this also applies for the olders Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East.

    Note: I got this version from a torrent file named "Heroes.Of.Might.And.Magic.PACK-FL" and in it you can find all HoMM, alsmost all, there are 1 to 6, available. Install or select "Heroes.Of.Might.And.Magic.V-RELOADED" and you can use a virtual disc for mount like PowerIso or daemon tools.

    1) Mount the game and Install Heroes of Might & Magic V (any location on your PC) first version where it will normally ask you to insert disc (I think it should be lower then "heroes_might_magic_5_1.01_eu.exe" if you have the EUROPE version, otherwise use "heroes_might_magic_5_1.01_us.exe")
    2) Install Heroes of Might & Magic V: Hammers of Fate (for Europe in this case);
    3) Install Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East (for Europe in this case);
    4) Install all updates starting from "heroes_might_magic_5_1.01_eu.exe" till reaching and installing also "heroes_might_magic_5_3.01_eu.exe";
    5) Play via Uplay or shortcut on desktop.

    This workaround worked for me at least and if you need this torrent version please pm me here or send me a direct message at and I can either provide it via FTP or something or I can assist you on how to get that version.

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    Wow, I can't belive it. January 2019 and the problem is still there. Ubisoft doesn't give a single damn about it. They just offer a game that you can't officially play, and apparently the only solution for this is to install a pirate version of the game? This is beyond pathetic.
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    Hi Ubisoft, there are people still waiting for you to fix that problem. I personally am not downloading a torrent version.
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    I found a similar "fix" as BGCNevan
    1 Install Heroes V base game from Uplay
    2. Download Heroes of Might and Magic V Bundle [GOG] from somewhere (for example PBay)
    3 Install base game and Hammers of Fate from bundle
    4 Copy all files from Bundle to Uplay Heroes V game folder
    5 delete old Bundle folder
    6 Now you can select to play Hammers of Fate by clicking on base Heroes V PLAY button but HoF will still show INSTALL instead of play
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