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    Hi guys, here's a skin I cobbled together from one of the default SM-79 skins.

    Now, you may be saying, WTF? Meatballs on a Sparviero?

    Well, I plan to use it to represent a Fiat Br.20 for a Khalkin Gol dogfight map I'm building. While it looks nothing like the Fiat, the SM.79 has similar bomb load, defensive armament, and performance. This way, player will have the chance to fly bombers for the IJA, as the Ki-21 is still AI only (reds will have TB3's, although these only flew at night).

    So, comments and ideas are welcome!
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    Interesting hack. Better than nothing, for sure!
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    steiner562's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nice job
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    Nice job mate .

    I've already sealed my perverted rep in aircraft preference, but may I add that I find Br.20 to be one of the prettiest mediums that fought in WW2...
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    I just saw this skin. Pretty cool.

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