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    There was an Aussie rock band in the 1980’s called Spy vs spy - but pretty sure this clue ain’t about them
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    Not sure how relevant this is, but there are actually three different "spies" (Black, White, Gray).

    I think maybe the numbers of them on each line might matter too.
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    Morse code? but which is a dot and which is a dash and which is a space.

    Just tried one way and got gibberish. Trying second way now.
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    I had the same idea, suggest grey is break / space as that colour doesn't appear in the comic.
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    The grey spy was the lady spy - she just didn’t appear that often in the comic
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    In the comic, there a grey spy, but she doesn't look like the black and white spies.

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    A couple of different ways of visualizing the spies, but I'm not getting anything out of it.

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    The lines must be kept separate or it looks like gibberish. Translate each line to get the above.
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    Pretty sure it's morse code. The first line reads SECRET
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    The Scarlet Letter?
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