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    Bike looses function randomly

    Itís getting pretty aggrivating that my bike will just loose all function for no reason. In the middle of a race all the sudden the bike just continues to flip or looses gas or something so the bike stops responding to commands. With the limited tickets on this event itís extrodinarilly upsetting as I was just about to post a top time on Beamery and the bike just flipped over for no darn reason. I use an iPad Air 2 and have reinstalled the game twice but it continues to happen far too often. 2out of my last 7 tickets were wasted because of this.

    Anyone else have this issue? Itís not just for the event. It happens in all races.

    Side note. Please ditch the ghosts for the events. For me personally it messes with my timing.

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    Yes! It happens to me, I've even brought this up before. I don't think many players experience this tho, I've never read other posts about it and I can't remember anyone responding to my post about it. It also usually only happens during a run that matters. Like a bunker match or m.c. event run. Which is incredibly frustrating with limited resources. Front flips, back flips, throttle sticking you name it. I don't know why it happens, sometimes helps to wash my hands well with soap and clean the screen before playing. But even then it still happens so I know that dirty hands/screen isn't the true cause of it. Also noticed here lately that the sound during a race goes up and down? Sometimes I can't hear it at all, sometimes it gets louder then it should. But only when racing, not while in the map screen or anywhere else. None of anything with sound on my phone does it except for trials frontier. Made a ticket for help, but got the response in a box instead of anything useful lol. Sucks too, I didn't realize how much I relied on the sound until it messed up. Try racing without the sound and see if your ability to do so changes lol. Good luck, take care
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    Now I play on emulator, and this almost don't happen. But when I played on the phone this happened from time to time, I think it's because my phone was overheated.
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    Same issues here especially the gas not working at just the right time to make you spend more tickets ... ghost really screw me up.
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    I made a post recently about this and I was thinking that because they have yet to optimize the game for iPhone X that it was responding so poorly. It may be an iOS issue if everyone that experiences it is using that system. Sad that updates and fixes take as long as they do and responses to these are never timely. Is it just a skeleton crew working on this game now. Doesnít seem to have their full attention.
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    @mathatter911 I'm getting it on Android too, so it is not system depended
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    So that ought to double the time to fix the issue then. Almost every other race on the iPhone X is ruined by random button recognition. Itís pretty terrible to play this at the moment and itís definitely not helping rank up for this event.
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    Yeah I'm on Android also...
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    I hate this problem as well. I always seem to loose the gas when about to set a top time. whats a bunch of wasted tickets anyways. glad??? I guess that I am not the only one having this issue.
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    Hi Cocheesee, sorry about this – could you please tell us your device name and OS version?
    We’ll check and get back to you as soon as possible.
    I’ll get in touch with you in case we need more information.
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