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    "Beyond Good & Evil not properly installed." after installing + verifiing game files


    I just install the game but whenever I want to launch SettingsApplication.exe, I get the following error message: Beyond Good & Evil not properly installed. Please install Beyond Good & Evil. I have verified the game files with uPlay and everything's ok. Reinstalling the game didn't help either just as setting the compatibility mode to the recommended (XP SP2) value.
    My computer is stronger than what the game needs. OS: Windows 8.1 x64, RAM 8 GB, GPU AMD Radeon R4/HD8500M (switchable notebook graphics).
    Full config here.
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    Hey @Derragen. We're sorry to see that you've been having problems getting the game to launch as intended on your system. You mentioned that verifying the game files and uninstalling/reinstalling the game did not help, but we'd advise from here that you ensure that your Windows OS and drivers have been updated to the latest version, then you'll want to perform any of the troubleshooting steps here to ensure that nothing running on the background of your system is conflicting with the launch.

    However, if you find that after exhausting the suggestions above in addition to what you've already done, please then submit your system files in a case to our technical team so that they can review this information and provider further insight on how best to proceed.
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    I know I might be a bit late to this thread, but try pressing "Play" in Uplay first. I just downloaded game and put it as non-steam game in steam, and both when I tried to launch normal game or settings it got same issue as you. However, it worked after I launched it once via Uplay. Must finish installing then.
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