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    Just over a month to go... 10 billion SP trailers that say the same exact thing... 0 MP or ME trailers. Same old song and dance. Looks like I'll be saving $60.
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    Honestly at this point I'll be anything that if they remaster FC2 they'll add their own lobby system rather than the one that's already there.
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    I cancelled my Gold edition pre-order, I thought by now we will have more information or at least a trailer featuring map editor and PVP. And still visiting this forum multiple times every single day for a hint.
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    It has been a long time since I have posted in these forums, but as the launch of Far Cry 5 gets closer and closer, I more frequently check to see if there is any news on the map editor. I never pre-order games, and I would advise everyone to also refrain from pre-ordering. The lack of information seems to be on-course with Ubisoft's previous (and not great) track record.

    That being said, I do believe there is more hope this time around because of Ubisoft's universal plan to games-as-a-service. I know this phrase send shivers down a gamer's spine, and I usually agree. However, in context of Far Cry 5 having a map editor, I think this is a fantastic news. What can provide greater longevity for a game than a multiplayer map editor? I know if they get the public lobby system right, then I would be willing to buy map-editor expansions (textures, objects, biomes, etc.). And trust me, in general, I am even less likely to buy microtransactions than I am to pre-order a game. But if this was the case, I would make an exception, as I think many others on this board would. I hope that the developers and publishers also see this revenue source.

    For better or for worse, it wouldn't surprise me if Ubisoft is following the development cycle of GTA V. First focusing on singleplayer, but later providing a robust multiplayer with modding capabilities. Because lets be honest what publisher wouldn't want a fraction of GTA V's success?

    For these reasons, I am tentatively hopeful. Perhaps Ubisoft is not looking at the map editor as an after thought, but as the ultimate trump card to develop Far Cry 5 into a service.
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    Originally Posted by Manlius10A Go to original post
    Because lets be honest what publisher wouldn't want a fraction of GTA V's success?
    Ubisoft. Ubisoft has absolutely no interest in allowing Far Cry to achieve the success it deserves and they've shown this game after game now. It's the only explanation left because if they actually gave us what we wanted they could have a wildly popular MP aspect in their wildly popular SP game. The combo would make the game as popular as any of the heavy hitters. But Ubisoft has absolutely no interest in making that much money or they would have done it.

    Ubisofts one and only goal is simple: Screw over the gamer. Show just enough promise to make people really believe and then smash their hopes. Really the higher ups pretty much hate us. I'm sure the average employee at Ubi really wants to make the best game possible but the real decision makers will make absolutely sure we NEVER get the game we really want.

    I don't actually believe ANY of that but seriously... to those responsible for making FC MP/ME and marketing decisions... please, PLEASE go away. Find another career.
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    It's not that they do not want the success but that they decide according to budget and time at their disposal, updating the engine to fit a better MP experience is probably not their goal at the moment or they simply want to squeeze out the last drop off of the engine until it becomes obsolete or to shift more focus on the MP department and spend many resources on updating the engine.
    It all started when FC2 did not sell as expected, so they made changes to the engine and someone decided that a user-centered server was more profitable so that they didn't have to maintain most of the servers themselves.
    Sooner or later the engine will start to show its age and at that point they would have no choice but to update it; if it's not for the 6th it'll certainly be something to do before the 7th installment.
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    The things we're asking for don't require a new or even an updated engine. It requires a simple lobby interface and some bare bones game modes that have been around since the 90s. Heck, if I recall correctly FC2 and FCIP were peer to peer so Ubisoft didn't really have to worry too much about their own servers. I just can't see budget being a reason we don't have the features we've been asking for.
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    I only want the coop feature like in FC4, so I can build mini games creatively to play with friends against AI like in the campaign. I'm not interested in pvp stuff, dancing around, hoping and skipping with other players in a boring die respawn cycle. Far too much lag due to too many players overloading my bandwidth, resulting in bullcrap deaths where I died one second ago while I'm still shooting a bullet sponge thinking I have a fair chance.

    Just having two players against AI keeps things tight and responsive, plus the AI in the FC4 map editor are just as smart as the campaign AI, so you get a challenging fight that varies. You can do a lot with coop map making. Unlimited ideas for games. Some of my ideas appear to be in Far Cry 5, GR Wildlands and AC Origins, so I'm thinking UbIsoft use the FC4 map editor as a research tool to harvest new creative ideas. It pays them to keep it alive. It's quite scary when your playing a new Ubisoft game and suddenly come face to face with some unique thing you created in a FC4 map. It's like seeing your face in a game and thinking is that real or am I just being paranoid.

    Example: Putting a grapple on the triangular radio mast and walking up the flat side towards the top was an idea I used in DesertResearchLab4 where it allows you to leap to a zip line and gives a very unique visual effect that looks cool. It's in a FC5 trailer and friends recognised it straight away. Maybe it's just that the radio mast exists and its just a matter of time before people stick a grapple on it and walk up the side. It just seems strange they have existed for ages with no-one doing it, then I suddenly see it in their new game trailer right after I used it in the FC4 editor. Paranoid or true true, they are welcome to it as a gift for giving me such a powerful map editing tool to make unlimited games for free. No other game has ever done this on console and it's still the defining feature of the PS4 gen.
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    Ubisoft always leave the map editor announcement details right up to the very end, within days of the launch. They know how sensitive the info is because they normally cannot please everyone, so they concentrate on hyping the campaign to get maximum sales first. You can't really blame them but it's really frustrating.

    I think Ubisoft should just split it off into a separate product called Far Cry Worlds where players have a huge variety of tools and assets to create solo, coop and multiplayer maps within a massive community. It would be the ultimate game as a service model because they could sell themed map packs containing extra assets. Such as a tropical island map pack, WW2 map pack, Stone Age map pack, Sci-fi map pack, Aztec map pack, Steam punk map pack or Egyptian map pack. Endless scope.

    Gamers would need to buy those packs to create or play maps tagged as created by those map packs. The map download area could be player specific in what it displays. You only see maps for download that have the assets you have on your machine. But there will be a notice telling you that there are more out there if you buy the relevant map packs. Example: Do you want to play some Egyptian maps, there is an Egypt map pack you can buy.

    What I like about this concept vs the typical loot box micro-transaction scam is that it's honest and scaleable. The gamer takes it as far as he or she wants. You can buy no packs and still have a lot of fun making and playing basic maps, or take it further and create specialised maps by buying additional content. Example: If you don't like steam punk games, you don't buy the steam punk map pack to create or play those maps. It works and it's fair with no predatory abuse.

    It would be a success if marketed right with sufficient tutorials to educate the players. Most of the advanced stuff I'm doing in the FC4 map editor has been self taught with no info available for noobs about how to use some of the more complex tools or how they can be used creatively. Most people are creative and hungry for it, but very few games really tap into it. Although I have a graphics design and computer science background, that's not necessary because talent and creativity is all relative. You don't have to be super creative. You can enjoy the creative process with just basic creativity or take it as far as you want to go. It's scaleable. Just like playing guitar. You can learn to play like Hank Marvin or learn to play like Joe Satriani. You get fun whatever level you are on.

    Obviously the maps most people play will be the most creative ones if there is a proper rating system. The one in FC4 is totally useless. We have great maps no-one knows about with a 1 star rating that took months to create, and crap 5 star maps that took 10 minutes to build because some school kid asked his mates to stick a like on it. That needs sorting. Maybe if it was a stand alone product, Ubisoft could afford to employ people to evaluate the maps if they met a certain criteria and rate them properly.
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    One of the best comments I have ever seen
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