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    I wasn't implying you lied but I can see how you might interpret my post that way. I definitely don't believe you lied about anything. The point I was trying to make, and may have failed to do so, was that opinions locked behind NDAs simply aren't good enough. Legacy Zero is trying to put our fears at ease but that seems to be based on something he can't say due to an NDA and a few conversations he had with developers. I hope to ****ing god he's right and we're finally going to get the features we've been asking for. I don't remember specifically the things you said before the game came out all those years ago but it was certainly enough to get me excited. I don't blame you at all for me being let down. That's a combination of Ubi's fault for blowing the game and my fault for probably reading into things you weren't actually saying.

    We've been here before. NDAs, no info, signs of questionable decisions, an imminent release. This is just baffling. How how HOW have they not put forth any real effort to fix these recurring issues? It's game after game after game and the result is always the same: an AMAZING editor hampered severely by abysmal decision making.
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    It better not be private lobbies only. Also better be a playlist of more then one map option in rotation and option to vote to skip. Would be the same old crap if one map private lobby. Everyone fighting to showcase their own maps. Unless they whole lobby is nonmap makers then its different. Still to populate a private lobby is work to pull off. I did it in FAR CRY 3 spamming previous played players. They filled up. But a one map lobby does get boring after a couple play through's.
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    Same old song and dance - every game - delay the bad news till the last moment to avoid poor reviews and game pre orders...been this way for quite a while and its nothing we all have not seen or experienced here before...Expect the worst but hope for the best. Nothing will be as good as FC2.
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    I hope that we get the complexity of what we had with the Far Cry 4 editor but I really do hope to get the multiplayer abilities like we had with Far Cry 1&2. I used to build some of the best maps for that one (actually led me to running the Far Cry tournament for Ubi in the World Series of Video Games quite a few years back in Louisville, KY), and I always had a solid following of players that were able to fill a lobby for a great experience. That’s all I’m concerned about, being able to play custom maps with public and/or friendly players, and getting the opportunity to play other user-made map designs. I was really shocked with the removal of MP game mode options in the 4th installment and keeping it strictly to co-op/AI based.
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    Just over a month to go... 10 billion SP trailers that say the same exact thing... 0 MP or ME trailers. Same old song and dance. Looks like I'll be saving $60.
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    Originally Posted by usmovers_02 Go to original post
    Just over a month to go... 10 billion SP trailers that say the same exact thing... 0 MP or ME trailers. Same old song and dance. Looks like I'll be saving $60.
    I'm only checking here if it becomes FARCRY2 lobby system. If its FARCRY3 all over again i'm keeping my money as well.
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    Honestly at this point I'll be anything that if they remaster FC2 they'll add their own lobby system rather than the one that's already there.
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    I cancelled my Gold edition pre-order, I thought by now we will have more information or at least a trailer featuring map editor and PVP. And still visiting this forum multiple times every single day for a hint.
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    It has been a long time since I have posted in these forums, but as the launch of Far Cry 5 gets closer and closer, I more frequently check to see if there is any news on the map editor. I never pre-order games, and I would advise everyone to also refrain from pre-ordering. The lack of information seems to be on-course with Ubisoft's previous (and not great) track record.

    That being said, I do believe there is more hope this time around because of Ubisoft's universal plan to games-as-a-service. I know this phrase send shivers down a gamer's spine, and I usually agree. However, in context of Far Cry 5 having a map editor, I think this is a fantastic news. What can provide greater longevity for a game than a multiplayer map editor? I know if they get the public lobby system right, then I would be willing to buy map-editor expansions (textures, objects, biomes, etc.). And trust me, in general, I am even less likely to buy microtransactions than I am to pre-order a game. But if this was the case, I would make an exception, as I think many others on this board would. I hope that the developers and publishers also see this revenue source.

    For better or for worse, it wouldn't surprise me if Ubisoft is following the development cycle of GTA V. First focusing on singleplayer, but later providing a robust multiplayer with modding capabilities. Because lets be honest what publisher wouldn't want a fraction of GTA V's success?

    For these reasons, I am tentatively hopeful. Perhaps Ubisoft is not looking at the map editor as an after thought, but as the ultimate trump card to develop Far Cry 5 into a service.
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    Originally Posted by Manlius10A Go to original post
    Because lets be honest what publisher wouldn't want a fraction of GTA V's success?
    Ubisoft. Ubisoft has absolutely no interest in allowing Far Cry to achieve the success it deserves and they've shown this game after game now. It's the only explanation left because if they actually gave us what we wanted they could have a wildly popular MP aspect in their wildly popular SP game. The combo would make the game as popular as any of the heavy hitters. But Ubisoft has absolutely no interest in making that much money or they would have done it.

    Ubisofts one and only goal is simple: Screw over the gamer. Show just enough promise to make people really believe and then smash their hopes. Really the higher ups pretty much hate us. I'm sure the average employee at Ubi really wants to make the best game possible but the real decision makers will make absolutely sure we NEVER get the game we really want.

    I don't actually believe ANY of that but seriously... to those responsible for making FC MP/ME and marketing decisions... please, PLEASE go away. Find another career.
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