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    Is the festival ended??

    I've played 7 dominions today and didn't received anything and I'm still missing some effects and more things. What is happening?? I thought it ends tomorrow...
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    It does finish tomorrow. Like you, I have not had any rewards for over 24 hours!
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    More info on here, says a routine server check, along with a downtime, that ends parallel with the Frost Wind Festival:

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    This is f** ********. Played 42 matches today, 42!!! been playing for more than 9 hours!!! (19 dominions and 23 brawls) and only had 4 pieces of the Frost Festival Weapons: 2 blades and 2 hilts on Aramusha, not even 1 guard. Also opened 9 crates and nothing... WTF IS THIS?? I'll tell you, this is CRAP. Once the Festival ends I'm not playing the f*** game until servers came out. Period.
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    I dont aim to insult anyones intelligence but if youre not recieving any loot your inventory may be full on that character. If you are recieving loot but not the event stuff i got nothing for that. Was working for me earlier on ps4.
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    Just returned to the game (on PS4) after 5hrs break. Suddenly, no Frost Festival event drops. Also, I’ve noticed the Frost Festival message from the Main Menu (PLAY) has also gone. I thought the end was 13:00 UTC... My inventory is not full and I still have missing event items (weapons and cosmetics). Please, allow me to farm till the prior announced expiry time. Thanks!
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    Early ending

    The festival was suppose to run until 8h EST on jan 4th, at midnight only the ice brawl was available, no more loot and still dont have the winter weapon I want. What is the purpose of that early update?
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