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    Missing Eyewear

    I don't know why but I somehow lost the filter mask you get when you defeat the cooks/ crackheads when you have to go to the U-Store It. I don't have any previous saves near it. Any suggestions or any idea how I can get it back or am I permanently screwed over?
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    Also Missing The Filter Mask

    Why was this removed? My character looked like a badass psycho surgeon. Now he looks stupid. Please explain Ubi.
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    Same With Me

    I just defeated the Methheads and wanted to customize my character. It's nowhere in the menu.
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    Which platform are you each playing on?
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    I'm on PS4
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    I am on X-Box One and it didn't work when I cleaned the cache
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    I'm on ps4 and the eyewear is not given for beating the meth heads anymore and is gone from previous saves.
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    Same here, I'm on PC, it started when I downloaded the DLC
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    It showed up again after the last update.
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