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    Maping my controller

    Can some one please explain to me why I can't map my controller bouttons still. They threw ne a bone with bwing able to change hard breaks position, yet did absolutely nothing to dodge and feint witch leaves them completely obsolete on a controller because if I was to take my thumb of the right stick I lose my guard and can't return it in time to capitalise on it.

    God forbid I fight an enimie who knows how to feint because I absolutely can. Not react to it or adjust my guard when I do.

    There is also the matter of dodging espetialy with how many unblockable/unpariable attacks in the game your finger has to already be on the button to react to certain ones (looking at you gladiator)

    This would all be solved if the developers would have the good graces of two I squishing even the slightest amoubt of UI controll and mapping to the player let me put the buttons where ever I want not just adjust asjuating one combat mechanic but all of them.

    Let me put dodge on left trigger and feint on left bumper a simple fix to a massive problem that has caused me to feel legitimatly handicapped against any keyboard player.
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    man you couldn't possibly be more wrong when in comes to in what kind of forum section you've posted. I get that the default choices and what we've gained so far sucks and I am with you there on the complaining side that there should be more tools to work with, however you could for one get your *** up and look for solutions yourself. It's out there! Ever tried to use the search function maybe or just google? I've provided and spread the info many times myself. You can absolutely rebind keys on your own. I have currently 3 simultanously working controllers (PS1, a custom PS3 and PS4 with only the last one being a supported controller that worked right from the get go with the standard setting) which all have the simple modification of having feint and evade swapped.

    What you are asking for seems to me easily doable. Would surely mess up your menu but well, guess if you think this helps you in general this might be worth a shot anyway, and if you are indeed on PC you can always just use the keyboard and mouse if things get too uncomfortable. And yes on the controller you have to commit at some point if you want to be able dodge or if you want to guard. Since there is a reaction delay after swapping your guard this is actually useful to avoid that.
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