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    The problems with Rainbow Six Ranked (The entire mode) and reporting

    1.Team balancing, as many of you know who try to do a couple of ranked matches with random people as I do from time to time you frequently find yourself against people who are either a party for five people (a full team) or playing with people who either frequently leave matches. Either team killers, trolls or just that guy who decides it's a funny to not reinforce the objective room and plays the game for attempting kills (my least personal favorite player). What my point I'm trying to get across is; is that team balancing in siege is pure horse ****, this is a feature that is so poorly made that it might as well be a false statement to use the word balancing. Here are some basic pointers that other developers have implemented that have actually had balance gameplay that people have legitimately liked.

    A. Party skill balancing system, party players that go into ranked MUST be within a set skill rating to be eligible to play ranked together. (I.E 500 skill points above or below the host). This feature would not allow "match feeding" which essentially just allows skilled players to annihilate players of low level just to boost rank. Ranked gameplay in any other system is designed to be skill balanced not skill busted.

    B. Party player system, in addition to the lack of skill based balancing there is also what I call "party advantage", playing a group of players who have effective communication against people who are in either smaller game parties or teams who do not have parties in game at all. This can be resolved by putting in a team party balancing system, what this means is that this would put in a "party restriction", pairing parties of X people against parties of people who have the same or very similar numbers of people.
    Ex. 5 player party vs 5 player party or a 4 player party vs a 5 player party.

    C. Level based pairings, This is my personally least favorite problem I've experience countless times
    Levels, useless except for showing how long you could have potentially had the game for. For those of you who try ranked without friends from time to time this has effected you unless you've won the lottery, I am a level 113 in siege who has been to platinum multiple times and typically place around Gold II after placements. When you load up a match and discover all of your teammates are skill boosted and level 40 legitimately, and facing a death squadron of level 230+ players on the other team, and your team just get straight swept over and over again for four rounds. This is by far the most frustrating problem and can be fixed by putting a level platform around Ranked matchmaking, essentially creating level caps around the server. This allows people to play with others who are around their level, being level 113, I would ideally play against people around my level, probably from levels 90 to 146. This does not change the skill gap with players who are certain levels who have certain capabilities or talents others do not have but it does eliminate the possibilities of players who are a higher level from being dragged down by lower level players AND prevents skill boosting along with any advantages teams may have over each other in terms of game experience. Additionally enhancing the matches as they would be a little more even and take longer to complete.

    2. The Reporting system (oh yes we're going there), this is balance pretty well but there is no way to report people who leave matches early and there is no description to how a player was being toxic and or cheating.

    A. Add a recent players feature, as of right now there is NO jurisdiction for punishment other than the 15 minute ban people face for leaving. Adding a recent players feature to siege would be an extremely welcome feature as people who team kill and leave can then be reported after doing so for toxic behavior, then players could additionally report people for whatever reason, inflicting a deep wound in the toxicity of the community which is to the point of being radioactive. Recent players should also include the match type (casual or ranked) the player met the person in for

    B. Add a report feature system that enables players to say how the player reported was cheating/ being toxic. This could save time reviewing footage and enable players to have a say in what is and is not toxic to the community, enable the players to say whether the player was being toxic or cheating, and add a description for specifics

    The reason the reporting system comes up in the ranked discussion is because punishments should be more severe for committing an offense in ranked than in casual as ranked is actually where people go to be more serious and attempt to elevate their gameplay, people ruining there chances at levels is typically taken worse and winning or losing matches is for a badge of skill and effects rewards. Punishments should be for toxic players is that they play with other players who are toxic in ranked or suffer an skill earning reduction for each time they commit something defined as toxic.
    1st offense 1 hour ranked ban
    2nd offense 2 hour ban (toxic lobby for season)
    3rd 20% winning skill rating reduction
    4th 50% winning Skill rating reduction
    5th Ban from ranked
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    As it's been a week, I wonder if the development have looked at this as? I find the points posted very constructive and thought out though and even though some of it would be a lot of work to programme in? I think it would help things overall, also the points made about reporting were absolutely spot on!
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