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    How many computers can you install far cry 4?

    I heard after 5 times of install the game far cry 4 on the same computer or different computer
    they force you to buy a new game
    at least this happened for far cry 2 right?

    so can you uninstall the far cry 4 game on a computer to get revoke an install to install more times

    I want to reset my pc because of a virus, or buy a new pc
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    after that your game = bound to the uplay account you used to activate the the game on

    for life the game will be bound to that Uplay account and password

    there is no limitation on how many PC's you use or build to play the games on

    but no you can not log in on more then 1 uplay account at the same time on separate PC's

    each copy has a digital licence ..if you choose to use that on another PC .. no problem

    but no you can not have 2 or more players on the same Uplay PC account

    Steam and other online launchers work the same way

    you log in to your account ..your games are there
    steam does offer family sharing Uplay and origin DO NOT need a digital licence for each player

    if you need to simply just reinstall on another PC .. your fine long as you log in with the same account details you used when you activated your game

    your game will install and be there
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