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    Server-side Hotfix ongoing: "Invalid Battle Result" bug

    Hey everyone, Steve from RedLynx here. After our latest update, it appears a bug popped up wherein players were experiencing an "invalid battle result". Upon closer inspection, it appears Underpants Gnomes have been mercilessly placing various undergarments in places where they do not belong. After a thorough cleansing of these filthy garments, and a removal of truckloads of them from our server room, we will be able to fix this issue in no time. However, it will cause a brief period of down time. It should begin shortly, and persist for about 15 minutes.

    Sorry for the trouble and have a happy holiday season! Until next time, I'll see you on the streets of South Park.

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    Omg underwear event is coming! I bet it will be like the alien egg event with surprise hankey. So looking forward to the event.
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    So when is the fix for cheaters coming it's been 6 months since you folks said you would fix it soon.

    You say you love us that you are here to help out so how about answering this simple question.
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    Problem not solved...

    Hi, I'm pointedmage1631 from the gingercows. I've played around 11 or 12 games today, I won about 7.All the games I lost, i lost stars...expected. however, every time I won I got the invalid battle result. I even uninstalled the game and re-installed it and still got the error. Anyway... seeing as I've invested around an hour of my time every day on this game, i was hoping you could reimburse me?😃😓😢 please?
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    even encountered the error in Single Player two days ago
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    About the star issue, I experienced something similar, when you won or lose a match, there is a delay right after getting back to the PVP screen, and sometimes, when I start immediately a new game, I had no gain or loss of stars.
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