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    Yes, fixed finally but still nothing from Ubi Support - fixed by accident????
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    Yes Finally fixed on my side but just like everyone else nothing from support.
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    Yep it is fixed here too.
    No response from (n00biesoft) support.

    I will buy games on steam now (like I said before)

    Shame you still have to use Uplay when you buy a Far Cry on steam
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    Paying the owned game.

    So when the Far Cry Primal came out i really wanted to buy it.
    Today after about 2 years i tried to download it and i couldn't because the Uplay is sending me to the Steam Store.
    After arguing it with ubisoft support on twitter they asked me if i have changed devices and then i remembered that i bought it on my laptop.
    I checked on my laptop and i could download it there so after i told them that i waited for an answer if they can help me with my problem.
    The next day i wanted to download it on my Laptop and put it on my steam library and i COULDN'T even on my laptop i don't know what this problem is but i cannot download the game Please ubisoft do something about it -.- ¬.¬ :/

    Tell me if you have the same problem.
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    @MyNameIs.Jeff I can understand how frustrating that can be - I would hope that it shouldn't matter what machine you on so long as you sign in with the same account you should be able to access and install your games on any PC - In light of all the drama and non existant explination of what the problem is I'm really hesitenant to purchase anything through uPlay and as the previous post said that he will purchase it through Steam which is much where my thinking is but it still requires uplay it's like you still have to climb into bed with the devil.
    So as far as your issue goes sounds like Ubisoft have *)&@&()(*@_*#&#@) thing up and now I'm very nervous
    One really wonders what these clowns are doing Why can Steam, GOG, and even EA Origin get it right - do they hold some magical secret that eludes Ubisoft
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