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    Can't switch tools

    Hey Everyone,

    I am have trouble switching tools for Xbox One. I go into the inventory menu and select either fire bombs or poison darts, but it does not change from sleep darts. Is anyone else experiencing this glitch? Thanks!
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    This is not a known issue.

    If you are still experiencing this could you please provide a video.
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    I have the same problem on PC. I have played until after killing the "crocodile" and havent been able to change from sleeping dart to firebomb. So i started a new game now today hoping the problem would go away. This time i choose to grab the firebomb ability first and when i had picked the sleeping dart perk i tried switching. AGAIN it wont work. Cant switch in inventory either. How is it possible this stay broken. I mean it cant be just us two having issues with it? Ive tried reinstalling several times and still same issue.
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