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    The latest update White Noise

    This update sucks I might as well go play Call of Duty Black. Before the update it was ten times better now it hundred percent worth
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    Well phuck off and go play cod, no one will care, hell no one will even miss you.
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    I second that. Go play something else. You sound like a Tker. Go drink your hatorade somewhere else.
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    Sgt Astor's Avatar Senior Member
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    I like White noise. Beautiful map, no bugs (which is very unusual for Ubisoft ) and good ops.
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    Did they do something with the weapon handling in White Noise? I'm buried with work and don't have much time to play lately, but I swear the handling was tighter before the update. Even my friend mentioned something about how soft the guns handle now.

    Was that what you were talking about ddgiernacky?
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