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    why is the timing of on blocking? there is a delay on the blocking, whats the point of playing if the blocking is broken. Ubisoft look into this please. there is no point to play this game if this dose not get fixed
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    I agree. They evened out the blocking delay so that it was the same on all characters but it still makes very little sense to have a delay of 100 ms when some of the fastest attacks are only 300-400 ms. I'm not sure on the average human reaction time but I'd reckon it's more than 200 ms.

    I think the idea behind it is to make enemies a little more predictable. Since if you swap guards rapidly it can be hard for you opponent to anticipate where you're going to attack from. With the delay you get an extra 100ms before they actually attack from their new guard stance. This doesn't help much however since zone attacks snap to whatever guard stance they attack. The PK's zone is ridiculous, for example, as it's first hit has a reaction time of about 200ms or something and you don't need to set the guard to the right side before activating it.

    Perhaps there should be a 100 ms delay to all attacks that shift guard stances, including zone attacks, but they should remove the delay from blocking, since you're already behind when trying to defend.

    Additionally it's a real pain when you swap to the correct guard stance but then accidentally move the analogue stick a little too far round, or twitch the mouse in the wrong direction since this makes your character shift guard stances an extra two times to get back to the correct blocking position. This means it's far easier to mess up a block that you really should have managed to get.
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