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    The problems imo vs Last Stand:

    • Lack of objectives makes a dedicated 4 man group stronger: Nothing is splitting them up, they're a mean green healing tank
    • The 8 man teams in LS allowed for combinations of solo's + groups, smaller groups, ... this balanced things out a bit

    I think it would be wise at this stage to make Last Stand FREE and rework some of the maps to make it less of a running marathon.
    I agree with that a map rework of sorts, last stand is a lot of running, but on the flip side it’s big enough to where you’re not getting swarmed by 8 players all the time, and it spreads it out fairly, the only map where running is annoying tho is sports store
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    Seems to be a very high amount of pve players with little pvp experience playing skirmish at the moment ... think that's why we are seeing many matches very one sided ... give it a week or so and they should get to grips with it a bit better
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    Solo players have always a disadvantage against premade groups. This is happening in all pvp oriented rpgs at least. The premade group has players dedicated to their roles and this is really though to beat with a pug. I would like the option for solo players to be added to a queue with solo players or at least against a team of 2 in skirmish however i do enjoy the game mode a lot.
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    Oh yeah , i love the Skirmish game mode , i have always enjoyed the 4v4 make up , I wasn't expecting that Skirmish be built for Solo Players , But i feel that it would be a good way for some to get into the PvP scene. Like the first match of Skirmish i played was way more balanced. So i can see from the PvP players view that it could be fun for them , but some of us PvE players who are trying to swim to the deep end just get drowned by the big kids , It is much hard for them to get into something like that because the big kids already have everyything they need and it is hard enough for PvE players to even farm what they need else where. Unless things have been up dated , it is rather hard for PvE players to get guns like MDR and Hungry Hog , just for examples. And for more casual players Exotics are pretty challenging to come by. If they did a Solo's que and a Duo/Squads que , Yes the waiting maybe a tad long , but i feel more players will be happier with the mode. And the hardcore PvPers still have the DZ , LS , and Skirm. It's just super hard for people who are timid and under geared to go into the PvP scene right now. Unlike games like Destiny and CoD. Most of those are much more balanced over their PvP , But they are focused on that kid of gameplay unlike The Division. Massive could take some ideas on how Destiny does their PvE/PvP.
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    On ps4 I've rarely seen a 4 man squad and even then they've not been unbeatable its more of the fact solo players will tend to spawn and run into battle even if everyone else is just about to respawn giving the opponent a constant 4-1.

    I experienced my first blow out on the losing side yet i still finished with 5 kills 3 deaths!
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