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    Give us an official reply about the issue with PC version not launching

    You know UBI, I have always defended you as a company. Because you make great games I love. Like The Crew, Trials, Trackmania, and Steep.
    But i'm starting to lose faith in you with how you are just ignoring our issue. Half your damn playerbase on PC can't launch the game, how are you just ignoring this? It's been 3 days now, and no response other than "contact support", wich we did, with no helpful responses from you.
    Give us at least an official reply like "we are aware of the issue, and working on it" .. Just something. Or my friends who can't get in will all refund your game.
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    Reply to my case

    I've been waiting for the past week almost to get a response back to my case.
    I've also called them twice about the case and both spokes people said 'I'll have a look and get back to you shortly'
    How long is shortly exactly ...

    @ Case number: 05501921
    ^ If someone finally takes initiative to review it that would be great
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    They replied to me today saying

    "Hello ubisoftishorid,

    Thank you for reporting this issue. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
    Please be aware that we have forwarded the information to the development team, and they are in the process of investigating the issue.
    If any additional information becomes available, it will be posted to the game's official forum at http://forums.ubi.com and our Support Website (http://support.ubi.com)."

    It's annoying they're making me check back to see if they fixed the game they broke.
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    Originally Posted by ubisoftishorid Go to original post
    They replied to me today
    Lucky one.... you already got a response

    But Joke aside, it couldn't be that people are waiting nearly a week, and there is no official statement from ubi or the devs.
    This is a bit of a shame, and whats more worse.... most of them bought it for the new Content.... Customer 0 : Ubisoft -1
    A brilliant Launch, but i think this is a normal think in these days, glad that i not bought it.....
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    I have been waiting from the beta for a response wtf are Ubisoft doing? they don't care at all. that's a couple of weeks now. THEY ARE GREEDY BASTARDS THAT ONLY WANT OUR MONEY AND DONT CARE THAT THE **** THEY SELL WORK OR NOT.
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    I'm not even bothering to put a ticket in this time, this is the same group of faults that keeps coming back, and they should of had this fixed by now, but console players are pretty much good, they made some money, so why should they fix the game for those who aren't running the ideal super awesome watercooled titan GTRrx7evo thingy or whatever the hell recommended spec PC.

    Why should they do work and fix their product when we can just rebuild or upgrade our PC's :/

    I know for a fact this game runs on my system and had done since the very first pre-launch beta, only time i've had trouble with this game in this way is after Winterfest DLC was released and has been faultless since then.

    Road to emptying your wallet beta comes out, doesn't even launch for most people, I figure that's fine, i don't want to pay MORE money, after paying for a gold edition when the base game first released, to buy an extra few events disguised as a paid expansion. BUT Noooooo can't even play the game I paid for to start with now, which from what i hear has been bastardised into some SSX tricky bullsh*t and ruined half the appeal of the game because delicate little snowflakes find the game trick system too hard..... Go play some more Skate then come back... lightweights...

    This isn't a one off, it's just common practice for UBI now. The Crew, For Honor.... Can't wait to see the **** up they make on Skull and Bones...
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