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    Originally Posted by inthecoconut Go to original post
    Sorry for the newbie question, but where do I watch this? It says twitch, but is there a link? Or do I just search "Beyond Good End Evil 2" on twitch?

    There are no newbie questions around here! But here are the links where this will be happening:

    As far as I know, the stream WILL be available to watch after we broadcast, so don't worry if you can't make it on time.

    Hope to see you all on stream today! It will be fun!
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    Great stuff, I never expected this kind of direct interaction so soon, amazing seeing you guys directly answer questions from this forum.

    I have a question: when can we expect the next live Space Monkey report? Already can't wait
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    Dear Best Devs in the Milky Way

    Thanks for making a game that looks as interesting and inspired as BGaE 2. I don’t know if I can be of much help, but as a gamer since the old times, times when other mighty pirates from Melee Island, arrived on Planet Gamearth, I just want you to read this article and think if you wanna try to consider it’s information in your game making – wecanlearnalone

    I understand that some level of gameplay learning is necessary, but please try to explore another options, or add options to stop all the prompts/tutorials if possible.

    Another important thing - Do not spoil the entire game - Do not show every possible gameplay mechanic, every character, all the story clues, durings it's marketing campaign. Let surprises be a thing.

    Thanks and luck in this adventure!
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    Yeaah! It was very nice to see how far you got! The way space ships can be customized really amazed me!

    But I couldn't be there on time, I've missed half an hour of the live, do you know if a video of it will be published in the futur?

    EDIT. I've found the video of the live
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    Just gotta wait for new info now. I'm rather excited to be honest... but... who here isn't I suppose.
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