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    Thats such a hard thing to choose. If i may i will give 2 for each since imo they are tied.

    Buff Tachanka

    Let him mount his Machine gun on ledges, rails, windows, and onto deployable shields.

    Buff Castle

    Possibly give him an additional Barricade. Or extend it all the way to the floor. And give him a 3rd wall reinforcement like how bandit gets a 3rd razor wire.

    Nerf Ela

    give her less ammunition and 1 less mine or less speed

    I think ela is the main offender right now

    Honorable mention

    I wish IQ had a visor like Jackel that she could pull down for an amount of time and put it on a cooldown.

    I think with the buffs the defenders would get to "own" a little more space of the map and set up more effective choke points.

    With ela nerf it would confine her more to an positon closer to her traps rather than being able to roam and check them all whenever she wants.

    With honorable mention IQ buff it would allow her to use her primary and detect traps and would actually be a decent counter to ela.
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    Drastically increase recoil of Ash's guns, drastically decrease stun range, durantion and effect or noth Ela and zofia granades/mines (free kills since people can't fight back) alongside some more nerfs for their weapon. Won't even say to buff castle because it's a drastic rework to fix him at this point not just buffing his gun or anything, Buff LMGs overall and posibly a bit ying by decreasing her recoild and other small twekings like that
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    I would like to see valk cams be immune to dokaebi. It seems like she hurts the team more than helps now
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    reduce ela's skorpion magazine to 30, increase spread over long distance or damage falloff..reduce gryzmot mine stun duration and effect

    castle and tachanka probably need to get a rework and completely new abilities..too useless in meta..
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    1.) Which operator would you tweak for a buff? How would you go about changing this operator?

    2.) Which operator would you tweak for a nerf? How would you go about changing this operator?

    3.) With your changed operators, do you think the balance of the game overall has shifted towards attacker/defender side?
    1.) IQ - With her being very crucial to any team why is she so basic. By this I mean that her only use is spotting gadgets with her pistol why not her primary with a toggle-sight thing like Glaz and maybe even letting her drone see gadgets through walls and stuff like her wrist mounted device. Also she should be given a new drone that has a special light set like twitch that has a blue light instead of red =)
    2.) Ela - THIS IS A BIG MFing PROBLEM 1st off she has a super gun 2nd she's to fast 3rd she is WAY TO EASY TO USE 4th she thicc (make improvements) 5th she has a situation of being to easily spotted.
    3.) I feel like it has become more balanced also why can't doc have 4 stims in cas so he can be a true team player rather than picking favorites.
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    Buck: His C8 honestly feels uncomfortable to use. I thought at first I should just "git gud" but the more I play other operators, the more I feel like Buck's gun is the main reason why I don't like playing him. I don't mind that guns have high recoil (Capitao comes to mind), but Buck's crazy "go for the moon!" recoil is just annoying. I have to fight the gun as much as I have to fight the enemy team. I don't think his inability to equip a grip justifies this:

    First: there are skeleton keys that exist that also have grips on them. Perhaps Buck should just upgrade his kit?

    Second: Having the skeleton key by itself is weight that drops the gun barrel down when shooting in full auto.

    So I'm stuck with 2 options:

    Option 1: I instead use the DMR which doesn't have the same recoil problem. But, I don't really enjoy using DMRs that much. Eh.

    Option 2: Play other operators instead. Sledge comes to mind....

    So, in short, I don't understand why Buck is the only operator that needs to fight his gun's recoil as much as he needs to fight the enemy team. It vertical recoil should be reduced by a solid 50% IMO.
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    Dokkaebi Camera Hack Nerf Needed

    The Dokkaebi camera hack ability seems to me as unrealistically and unnecessarily over powered.

    I'm using Valkyrie and our cameras get hacked. From there on I basically don't have control over my own cameras b/c dead attacking players have override power on my cameras. This seems unrealistic and unnecessary. Even dead teammates don't have override access to cameras when alive players are using them.

    In my opinion, the camera hack should either be time limited or only accessible while Dokkaebi is alive. Or perhaps the hack shouldn't affect Valk cams.

    With the current Dokkaebi ability to permanently hack and give override power to cameras to dead and alive attackers, Valkyrie is not only useless but also a liability to the attacking team.

    I hope Ubisoft takes this into consideration and fixes the issue.

    Thank you.
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    Preciso de Ajuda

    Eu sei que nao tem nada a ver com a discussão atual mais tenho um problema e nao sei como relatar o mesmo. Minhas missoes diárias simplesmente nao aparecem todas, o proprio jogo diz q sao liberadas nos niveis 10 e 15 mais eu to no nivel 45 e todo dia que eu checo estas missoes aparece "volte amanha", somente uma vez as 3 missoes apareceram juntas, mais normalmente eu so tenho uma, vocês poderiam me ajudar com isso?
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Zoro Go to original post
    it's Epi.
    Hehe..I like how you always put little side quest for our readers to find in each weeks introduction. Noty ..take Note.

    Well this should be rather easy but its not. So..I guess I will have to go with my two most used ops, one from each side and roll with the punches.

    Mute. Oye, mate..over here. This brothers got the goods man, but hes always been a little on the dizzy side after Thatcher rolls on the scene. Did you get the chance to use Thatcher 1.0? LOL my god that was fun. Or at least funny. The emp's were atomic and poor Mute was left with nuffin. At least Bandit and Jag'uar had sneakers.

    I digress, I'd like to see the imaginative Its Epi to Buff this cat. Let the guy at least have fun running around like Jager sucking his junk on the walls. He would be much more reliable against the prep phase Twitch now that its probably going after obj more than cams. I'm assuming that sure, but there is also the fun factor for Mute trying to keep out the dronage so we dont shoot each other before the attackers feet hit the deck. Once again..I'm assuming, but its at least an educated story.

    I guess that leaves Thermite that gets the axe eh? Poor guy..kinda like Mute after Thatcher ya know? He takes a hit going from Mr. blow everything up to blowing two things at once to Oye..mate..over here, and step on it! I guess he's taken it for the team as far as nerfs go that another just wont phase this guy. Therefore he would be my obvious choice to do anything you want. You cant hurt him anymore lol. Ok ok. I'm joking. You really cant hurt him. After that hole gets opened up, he just became a free roamer roamer guy with the 2nd best thunder stick next to Fuse and a shotty that will mess anyone's day up. Take his secondaries away and he would still be my most picked because his/my job was done first thing. That's obviously an extreme so how about we just trim a tad and make his charges a bit smaller than the current two Monty's. How about just a Monty. It would create more tactical placement and a reason to use both of them quickly if the objective is upstairs (no hatch to pop).

    Till next week, cheers!
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    Buff castle : I'm thinking about his armor-barricade can act like a reverse Mira's window. What it will do is you can pre place his armor-barricade over the doorway or window and you have to shoot it to let it roll down and cover the door.

    Buff tachanka : May be give him an Acog scope?

    Nerf Ela : Reduce her SMG's magazine capacity to 30, lower the RPM.

    I think with my opinion. It's not gonna change the balance that much.
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