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    References to Past Games.

    Good day to you all, ladies, gentlemen, lady-like gentlemen and gentlemanly ladies! My name is SirKrazyDragon and this is a new thread I thought of creating ever since my last thread got me thinking about previous games in the Far Cry franchise and what this new game could do to callback to those ones.

    After creating the last thread I posted to this discussion website, I thought that there could be some actual dialogues said by members of The Resistance, the general public within the game and the cultists working for The Project at Eden's Gate. This dialogues could be said by two or more people having a conversation that the players can stop and overhear to listen to the full story. The references I have thought of so far that could be included in the game are as follows:

    Blood Dragon

    In the town of Fall's End, there are three teenagers sat outside the local arcade (which was closed permanently and heavily vandalized by the Eden's Gate cultists) that are talking about the possibility of robot/human hybrids and the conversation gets a little ridiculous in regards to what these cyberized homo-sapiens could have in terms of having 'accessories' for their machine bodies. The first says that they could have a metal arm capable of punching a person's head clean off, the second says that they could wield a minigun attached to their arm and the third says that they have a big red eye that also acts as a computer which allows them to hack into computers. All these things, as well as the concept of robotic humans, refer to the main character Rex Power Colt of the expansion pack Blood Dragon for Far Cry 3.


    Near a large lake in the wilderness of Hope County, there are two old men who are complaining that they haven't caught any fish and they have been there for nearly five hours. If the player approaches them, one of the two elderly gentlemen will ask the other about the possibility of training an eagle to dive into the water, grab fish and bring it back to them. The other scoffs at this idea and goes on to give his friend the nickname of 'Animal King,' which is a reference to Takkar and the events of 'Far Cry: Primal' and the game mechanic of 'Beast Master,' which allows the player (as Takkar) to tame certain creatures and then train them to take commands from him.

    Far Cry:

    Upon approaching one of the checkpoints manned by the Eden's Gate cultists, two of them standing in front of a conveniently human-sized hole in the fence and if the player decides to stop and listen to them before brutally murdering them, the players will hear one of them start a conversation about their first job as a gun-for-hire. The chat between the two cultists below is a reference to the first game in the 'Far Cry' franchise - Far Cry - and certain names have been changed to avoid any problems with copyright that might arise from it. Anyways, the whole conversation will go along the lines of this:

    Cultist 1: "Man, how did I end up here? Feels like yesterday I was getting a tan back in the South Pacific."

    Cultist 2: "No way."

    Cultist 1: "Yes way! It was years ago, I was working for this ******* named Crowe, he used to work in Africa rounding up the locals before shooting them in the head."

    Cultist 2: "Yikes!"

    Cultist 1: "Yeah! Anyway, we were all working for this scientist guy - Dr Kruger, or something like that - on this island chain where he was trying to make some kind of medicine that turned people in big freaky super-soldiers."

    Cultist 2: "Wait, wait, wait! He experimented on people?"

    Cultist 1: "Well, I don't know, I never got to see what he was working on; I was based on one of the outer islands. I only ever heard stories and rumours about what went on up in his lab, but from what I did hear, he did some pretty messed up things to those people. All in the name of 'science,' apparently."

    Cultist 2: "Sounds like a real piece of work."

    Cultist 1: "You said it."

    Far Cry 2

    Before entering a supply camp operated by the Eden's Gate cultists, the player can overhear a conversation similar to the one above where three of the cultists are discussing their least favourite assignments as a gun-for-hire. The chat refers to some of the characters and events that occur during Far Cry 2, but like the last suggestion I had for references, the names have been changed to avoid copyright problems. The whole conversation goes along the lines of this:

    Cultist 1: "You think this place is hot? You haven't been to Africa in the summer!"

    Cultist 3: "Oh, like you'd know?"

    Cultist 2: "The closest he's ever gotten to Africa is watching a nature documentary."

    Cultist 1: "You guys could learn a lot from an old soldier like me."

    Cultist 2: "You serious?"

    Cultist 1: "It's true; My brother and I got caught up in this civil war in Leboa-Sako in Africa. It wasn't long before some **** hit the fan and everything went downhill. The two guys running the show just decided 'screw it all,' and sent everybody and everything they had at each other. This Major I was working for had a job for us; ambush this guy who'd been a pain in his neck at a local church and then bring his corpse back to him."

    Cultist 3: "Whoa, seriously?"

    Cultist 1: "Yeah, seriously."

    Cultist 2: "What happened?"

    Cultist 1: "We had second thoughts. The guys we were looking for wanted to bring the country back to the stone age where the biggest bastard ruled over everyone with an iron fist and the other guys wanted to free them all, bring power back to the people and all that ****. So, we tried to do the right thing."

    Cultist 3: "And then what?"

    Cultist 1: "It got my brother killed."

    Cultist 3: "Jesus, Mary and Joseph..."

    Cultist 2: "Man, I'm so sorry."

    Cultist 1: "Nobody to blame."

    Far Cry 3

    If the player goes to a certain area of the map, there are two Eden's Gate cultists walking down the road whilst on patrol and the two are talking about their favourite places to visit before the player can either move on to leave them alone or proceed to murder them in cold blood. The whole conversation is a reference to the events of Far Cry 3 and like the previous suggestions, the names have been changed to avoid copyright problems. The chat goes along the lines of this:

    Cultist 2: "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?"

    Cultist 1: "The Rook Islands"

    Cultist 2: "The Rook Islands? Are you serious?"

    Cultist 1: "Yeah, why?"

    Cultist 2: "Dude, that place is a ****hole and that was after the pirates took over."

    Cultist 1: "Pirates?"

    Cultist 2: "Yes, pirates, and I would know, I worked for them after all."

    Cultist 1: "Shut up!"

    Cultist 2: "It's true. There was this guy, a true psychopath if ever I saw one, he came to the islands and basically turned the whole archipelago into his own personal playground; anybody crossed him and they were gut like fish, fed to the sharks and he'd make sure everyone knew that it was him who'd done the cutting."

    Cultist 1: "Jesus Christ..."

    Cultist 2: "Well, just the opposite, if you think about it."

    Far Cry 4

    And last, but certainly not least, this last conversation can be heard near the end of the game where the player goes to confront Joseph Seed and kill him for all the atrocities that he, his siblings and their cult have done to Hope County. Near the entrance to the compound where Joseph has barred himself inside with nearly 60 of his followers guarding him under the pain of death, there are a couple of guys still working for the Eden's Gate cult who discuss how the firepower that the siblings gave to their followers ended up in their possession in the first place. Again, names have been changed to avoid copyright problems. The whole conversation goes along the lines of this:

    Cultist 1: "Man, look at this gun! Can you believe this ****, man?"

    Cultist 2: "Actually, I can."

    Cultist 1: "Man, this thing is, like, top quality stuff!"

    Cultist 2: "It'd better be after everything Joseph paid that guy."

    Cultist 1: "What guy?"

    Cultist 2: "When Joseph and Jacob were down in Peru, they met this arms dealer named Longitude. He was an even bigger religious nutcase than the brothers!"

    Cultist 1: "His name was Longitude?"

    Cultist 2: "I don't know. And I don't care. He sold us kick-*** guns at cheap prices, so he can call himself 'Squeaky the Space Dog,' for all I care."

    Cultist 1: "Ain't that the truth?"

    Please post your own suggestions to callbacks to the previous Far Cry games below and if anybody believes that these suggestions or something like them should be in the game, then please say so in the comments seciton below.
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    When you first meet Hurk while doing the mission for his dad, he says he was having “deja voodoo” and asks if he had met the player before.
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