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    FPS crash bug

    Several players are complaining that the game is with FPS crashes, even with a good configuration, would have how to fix these errors with some patch ??
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    Hello, can i help you? first what is your vga card? I only have nvidia so i can't help if your vga is ati. onto the problem, because your hardware is desktop, no need to worry about anything although the game graphics is still in low fps and no solution at all. But there are possible solutions for this: NVIDIA Driver most stable is 387.92 (faster & better) 376.09 (slower). You have to be patient and not to use 388.00, 388.13, 388.31 just yet, because they're slow and not fixed yet for this game. And another trick to make fps a bit faster are these, but it may disable blur feature:
    Navigate to Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs 2 and open WD2_GamerProfile.xml.*

    Find and change the following options to these:*
    > DeferredFxQuality="pc"
    --> Must be written all lowercase pc not PC from console

    > MaxDriverBufferedFrames="1" (1~5, high values increases fps but increases input lag)
    -->I don't really understand this but 1 is good

    > OptimizedDepthOfField="1"*
    > OptimizedMotionBlur="1"
    > Smoothness="0"
    > RenderRain="1"

    if you need more info go to this website:*

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    I have already performed these procedures and still continues with FPS drops mainly in driving a vehicle

    So the 388.43 version of the video driver is not good enough to support the game?

    My Settings

    Intel Core i7 4790
    Geforce GTX 960 2GB
    8GB RAM
    Windows 10
    HD 1TB
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    Well honestly i don't know about the new driver 388.43 but i already tested 388.00, 388.13 and 388.31 with brand of battlefront 2 sucks and i'm sure the newest one 388.43 will be the same i believe. So i decided not to download the new driver yet until i find the different one, i think the nvidia still testing it. And so far with this 387.92 is comfortable and almost no crash at all the game works very fine.
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    OK, thanks for the help
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