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    Magnate isn't appearing in the traffic?

    I'm not sure why nobody reported this one bug yet but I just realize the magnate is in the game but it never spawns in high-end locations. I saw it spawns around the ferry building on one of your trailers but I can never seem to find it. Only way to actually drive this is by buying it car-on-demand. I know it's just a minor bug but I feel like it should have been added from the start since it appeared from the early trailers. Thanks
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    Also probably not a bug but is there thunder weather in this game? Other then the minor text errors in the media player like "DJ QUICK (QUIK)" lowercased "I don't need a reason" and The prodigy playing on the rock station while So very hard to go and San francisco songs play on the pop station which plays 80's pop and modern indie instead of the beach station and the missing roy ayers song, "Everybody loves the sunshine", I think it's perfect since i canít find anymore bugs
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    Originally Posted by Francisebgames Go to original post
    The prodigy playing on the rock station
    I wish this was the biggest problem about this game. Also you have to file your complaint elsewhere, cause Ubisoft is innocent here.
    I am shamefully old, so I remember when Music for the jilted generation came out. Most rock and indie focused publications praised it, some went on to say that "This is rock'n'roll" . If you search for Prodigy and rock you will also find that they are regular guests at rock music festivals.
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    Oh ok I guess it makes more sense why it is in the rock genre list, it just still feels kinda odd for a rock station that plays punk, some alt rock, a metal song and a classic rock song. It isnít really the point though, itís just the magnate vehicle not spawning, thatís the thing right now. Thanks for the info though
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