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    C'mon Redlynx

    Redlynx, Can you please confirm that you are working on a new Trials game? I've Been away from the forums for a while,

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    Don't know how long you've been away bud, I was too for a long while, but check out the trials garage section of the forum.

    Looks like they are up to something with the franchise, or they wouldn't be reaching out to us for feedback in this way. I know you are as desperate as the rest of us, but, at least they aren't being utterly silent

    I admit I'm guilty of asking the same question, many times in different guises, but we should probably trust they are still working until we hear otherwise.

    Good to have you back though, we need more activity in the community
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    Originally Posted by I_GETHSEMANE_I Go to original post
    I know you are as desperate as the rest of us, but, at least they aren't being utterly silent
    This is actually exactly what they are doing. For a timeframe...the garage started in early April...we are just about in December. Is there much more to add?
    Putting up a few topics to discuss among us doesn’t do much. There is no back and forth on streams and zero discussion on the next title. That’s about it on that one,
    If I had a franchise that people supported for years... I would simply have more respect for the community and discuss things openly. Many companies do this and it’s not an issue. Hiding behind an NDA is simply a cop out. Have the person in charge make a quick video. Takes 5 minutes. They can care less and probably laugh about it over ice baths in Finland.
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    I do agree that the lack of comms is disturbing, but any sign, like those few we've had from the garage posts, is better than none at all.

    Maybe it's just me trying, however unusually, to be the optimist, but I'd rather be all alone in this boat than resigning to drowning in anger/frustration about something that hasn't been officially announced one way or another.

    Having said that, if the franchise was truly dead, do you think for one second Ubi would let them keep promoting Fusion on the official RL stream? Or bother announcing community events like HH17 three + years after release? Or would they have them solely working on something that was going to make them more money in the future?

    Sorry for the long post, and I know it's unlikely to change yours or anyone's opinions, but some of this stuff needs said, as all you really see here recently are posts complaining, when, if we are worried about the franchise, it may be the case that the opposite would work better in our favour

    Hope my post wasn't confronting, don't want it to be
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    Originally Posted by VEGASTRASH Go to original post
    If I had a franchise that people supported for years... I would simply have more respect for the community
    Sadly that ship sailed quite some time ago my old friend Mr Trash; as they say, "We will always have Paris" (i.e. Trials Evolution).
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    You know when Morrillo, one of the most positive people ive talked to, has this opinion about the franchise, that our feelings about this franchise isnt uncalled for.

    How unfortunate it is to be a fan of Trials.
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    As optimistic as I want to be I can't help but think the next trials has been cancelled. They told us that there would be a big announcement in the summer of last year. The fact that they announced.the announcement suggests to me that it was practically set in stone. They had all the time schedules planned out and summer was gonna be the big announcement. Then something happened behind the scenes. First they were hoping to just delay the announcement a few days but days turned to weeks which turned to months. Now there's zero mention of it anywhere.
    In the past Shogun might be light hearted about people mention the next trials game in the stream chat but these days he just looks and ignores the comments completely. Almost like it's a touchy subject now.
    I'm certain they are working on something. They're a game studio, of course they are building something. I just don't think it's the next Trials.
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