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    Trails of the Gods - Anubis missing quest item / Thoughts on it's loot

    Like others before me, I haven't gotten the quest item for defeating Anubis, and I mean .. I did it 5 times so it could've at least dropped once right? anyhow..

    I also kinda wanted to see what people think of the loot, I was honestly expecting that there would be an outfit and gear set for every god you're going up against but that seems to -sadly- not be the case, this way it's five things spread out over 5 weeks while I could probably get better loot by doing the Reda missions. I mean, they're creating these 'trials' that should be really hard but in my opinion the loot should match the effort right?! Sooo.. for me this is all kind of dissapointing to be honest which sucks because I want to play the game but there's just not much incentive to do so if I already completed everything .. (except for the Hippodrome but yeah, I hate those races)

    Anyhow, if you experienced this bug too or share (or don't share) my thoughts on the loot for the trials of the gods, please leave a comment
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    Yeah the quest item seems to be a bug on PC, as most posts i see about it are from people on pc, killed him like 8 times by now lol, it might have something to do with 1.04 not being released yet on pc?
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    Same thing happened to me on Xbox One. It's not just PC.
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    The Quest Item or Fragment you're seeing, that is blank, is actually an issue we're investigating and shouldn't be in-game.

    The reward for beating Anubis is a weapon, one of a set of four, the Quest Item. You can only obtain one weapon per Trial along with 250 drachma and 1000 XP. Once you've beaten Anubis, you will continue to receive XP and drachma but no further items, if you want to continue fighting the God.

    Once you obtain all four weapons, meaning four separate Trials, you will automatically receive an outfit upon completion.

    We'd still love to hear your feedback about the event here when you get a chance.

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    What should i do if dont even get the blank item in the inventory ?
    I killed the boss two times already

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    it would be cool if it was a costume piece one for each of the gods that would have made way more sense
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    are you telling me that the quest item is the sword itself?
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    The quest item is the bug. There shouldn't be one. The reward is the sword. In the next event there will be another reward and so on. If you can get all four rewards you will also get an outfit.
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