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    Yeah, no tournament results now for 3 weeks for me. I guess when MrDrPink worked his magic it was just a one off. There's still a fundamental problem somewhere.

    Let's have an update please. Thanks.
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    the same here, the last message is 3 months old
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    Seems like I have just received the rewards for all broken tournaments of the last couple of months... now what do I do with thousands of acorns?
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    Thanks RL/Ubi -- It's been over three months without any rewards of any kind, but I just had about a months worth come in. Hopefully this issue is fixed. Thanks for looking into it.
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    Thank you very much MrDrPink for your support.

    Like PenguinsAreEvil only a month worth come in, but the important thing is that the issue is fixed

    Edit: The rest came in a few minutes later....All fine!
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