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    Code not working for me as well. bought from amazon
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    Originally Posted by BLACKTIGER23 Go to original post
    same as well was told by a ubi rep i may have to re purchase the season pass separately
    Hi BLACKTIGER23! I took a look at your case from earlier today and don't see anything about you needing to repurchase the Season Pass separately. My apologies for any confusion your chat with our support representative caused. To clarify, we're not asking anyone to repurchase the Season Pass

    We're working to resolve the issue with the codes and in the meantime, I recommend trying to redeem them later today as they may be working by then. As soon as we have more information about this issue, we'll be sure to update you. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused!
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    code not working for me either, getting the check instructions for a different website error.
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    Just got done talking to a Rep. Like most people were told, we need to try the code through out the day, not every few minutes. I plan every hour
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    Same exact issue. Tried it on the console, the smartglass app, the website, and the windows 10 app. All of them spit out the same message saying to check the instructions and redeem on another website.
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    Not working for me either, hopefully this issue can be fixed as soon as possible.
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    Issues as well

    I tried using my season pass code for XB1 Gold Edition that came with the physical copy from the Ubisoft store. It is telling me to check the instructions on the code page and that I may need to enter it somewhere else. It is weird because it is an XBOX Live code clearly.
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    I bought the coon version of the game on Amazon for xbox one. I am having the same issue with the season pass. I've tried it on my xbox, xbox website and the app on my phone. I've never had such an issue redeeming a code. Did Ubisoft forget to activate all the codes?
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    Same message

    I bought gold copy of FBW and it tells me to try the other way to redeem season pass this is ********
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    Xb1 season pass issues

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Holz Go to original post
    Hi guys,

    Thank you for reporting this to us.

    What error message do you get when you attempt to redeem the code?

    Did you purchase the game from outside of your Region? For instance purchasing the game from the US with a UK account?

    Can you try redeeming on the site here?

    Additionally could you please let us know where you purchased the game from?

    The link took me to the games web page, could not find a place to enter a code.
    I purchased the game from Game Stop, it was the steel book gold edition, so all the codes were packaged inside.
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