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    Updated my character with a costume truly befitting the moniker of Buttlord...
    The domino mask help conceal my true identity, the noxious green and skull and crossbones warns my foes of their impending fate. My gloves augment my powers with Sriracha and Southwest sauce...

    I also intentionally lost a couple rounds at the bank to change my income level to "Flush"...
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    My character

    Race/Ethnicity: White Irish
    Sex/Gender: Homosexual (accidentally chose this but it fits) cisgendered female
    Alignment: Chaotic
    Religion: Wicca
    Power source: DEFAULT now is heart but i might add for giggles anal dark arts (will change when i can come up with something better)
    Kryptonite: crab people ( because they rejected her offer them up as her sacrifice to the almighty overloads. Cough goth kids)
    Economic lvl: 0.001 percent because she got competitive with Token

    Extra fun facts: She actually idolizes the sex graders, she secretly works for Professor Chaos often breaking him out on a constant basis. Why? Cause she loves to piss him off knowing she's ungroundable. Will often be caught stalking Mystereon cause she wants to find a way to steal his power.

    My character is my profile pic. Couldn't figure out how to post it here
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    Gender and ethnicity

    I’m a gender fluid skoliosexual Hispanic Russian.
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    My character

    This is me in the Stick of Truth, I can't look like this in the Fractured But Whole, because the game doesn't have that hair/wig....
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    This is my Character at the moment. I’ve always been a big fan of Kenny, so when this outfit arrived in the Danger Deck DLC in my Toybox at my House, I HAD to wear it.

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    Here's a little motivator I put together with my character.
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    I put this dastardly skeleton together to test out the new netherborn class,
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    Sorry for double posting but here is my second character...

    Edit: Here's my first character:
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    Drew my character.
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    Originally Posted by TheChrisTBH Go to original post
    Drew my character.
    He looks like someone who would have been the Jew class from the first game
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