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    Have the Rayman legends servers been shut down?


    so I have not been able to play Rayman legens (Xbox 360) for a while now and I am getting a bit nervous if the servers has been shut down. I really hope they haven't because I am pretty Close to get the achievment "Truly awesome" so I was just wondering if someone knows anything about it? Are the servers down for good, is there is a problem with them or what ever reason whty the are down.
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    Hi David,

    No, the servers are not shut down for good, if for some reason that was to happen then we would provide notice to all players letting them know, which thankfully at this time isn't the case.

    I believe there was a restart of the servers (at the time you reported this) and then a global maintenance occurred for all titles, which has effected online services. Hopefully services are all coming back on-line now, so give it between 30-60 minutes. If for some reason you are still not able to connect then let us know.
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    oki I wll check it out as soon as I get the chance
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