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    Classified Sentry Build

    I have never used this build. I have tried finding builds on line but there are very few. Being I have collected all this Classified gear, if someone who knows this set could throw out a few suggestions as to spec into, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I copied MarcoStyle's build. You can find him on YouTube. I don't do much PVP but I finally feel like I have a build that hits hard in the DZ.

    It doesn't have much useful skillpower but in a team it absolutely destroys PVE bosses. We did Stolen Signal and almost three-manned the water electrocution room.

    The only thing I did different from MarcoStyle was using enough HE Stamina + Health mods to unlock my talents and then using HE Firearms + Health mods for the rest instead of Purple mods - because I can't find any of the ones he uses.

    If you can't be bothered watching the video, it's basically:
    - Roll firearms for everything
    - Roll enemy armor damage for everything
    - Use MDR with Brutal and a hard hitting marksman - M700 or M44 with Brutal, Prepared and Elevated (in the case of the M700)
    - Headshot damage on most mods.
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    I run with the Urban MDR and my Carbon m700 and i am doing 2.2million headshots on 6 dotted targets and rather than go full glass cannon, that we see most people doing in their videos, i have a very balanced build i have gone with around 7600 firearms, 4400 stamina and not all my gear is rolled well with armor but i end up at 260k toughness and i have 4000 electronics due to electronic mods i use in my gear because i am running specific weapon talents and my skillpower is at 137k.

    I run with brutal and competent on my m700 and elevated and i need the 4000 electronics for the competent talent could use something else and not have to use the 4k electronics but i like that talent on my weapon that damage boost it gives.

    On my Urban MDR i have Ferocius and destructive but i am considering rerolling that to something else, and its normal boosting damage to a status effected target.

    Some people go full on glass cannon build and stack everything into firearms and go for minium health and electronics to just met specific weapon talents they want.
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    Just wanted to add that this is my favourite gear set. I'm one piece away from getting a full set for my second character and I can't wait to get it. Each week I blitz through all three legendaries and all four incursions with it and then I have to switch to my second character and it takes me most of the week doing the same missions with normal gear sets. The damage your team does with six marks on targets is ridiculous.

    The marks will spread to other targets once you get to six as well, so what I've learned to do is focus on a heavy that won't die before he reaches six marks. If you're doing incursions such as Stolen Signal, sometimes enemies will spawn with several marks already on them because of this.

    My build is about 400k dps / 300k toughness / 100k skillpower. I just changed my mods to give up some toughness for skill power. I run with two healing skills and all my perfomance mods are for first aid self heal. It's definitely odd for me to throw everything I have at trying to heal myself more effectively because I have such poor skill power but it's worth it for the damage output. If my M700 crits on a headshot, it's a one-shot kill on any NPC except a boss or a heavy. I can snipe the boss in Clear Sky with six marks and just three shots from across the other side of the map.

    This is the funnest build I have. Even more so than my skill builds.
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