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    Blacklist servers are broken

    Game worked fine a couple of days ago but now I can't connect to the Shadownet service at all. And not only that but my game has also started to freeze and crash. It's completely unplayable at the moment, even the single player mode because it will freeze for a couple of seconds every 2 minutes and then crashes after 30 minutes of playing. Haven't tried it in offline mode though.
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    Well, it looks like the freezing and crashing are definitely related to my inability to connect to Shadownet and the multiplayer servers. I started the game in offline mode and it worked perfectly. But what is the reason behind these connection problems? The only reason I can think of that the recent Ubisoft server maintenance screwed up the connections in SC Blacklist.
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    This is the exact same thing that happened last week. After Ubisoft did some maintenance on their servers, no one could connect to the Splinter Cell Blacklist multi-player. People got the message: "The Splinter Cell Blacklist service is not available. Please try again later." Ubisoft was unaware of the problem and the only thing that made them fix it was that they heard from many people reporting it. After that it was fixed rather quickly. It's happening again this week. The server has been down almost 24 hours for everyone I know. If you are also experiencing this, please report it to Ubisoft support: https://support/ by opening a support ticket so that they fix it. Otherwise, they will assume it's on the user's end & won't do anything about it.
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    It works fine at least for me. I played whole dy yesterday.
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