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    is the PS4 version in the US-PSN including German synchronization?
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    Hi Bibo3001, the version available for PS4 in the US will not have German language available, either text or dubbing.
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    so whats the point then have all those languages but put them only on the Version where the language ist spoken? There are many germans etc in the US too. The US Version of Stick of Truth did have German subtitles. How about adding the supported Languages to the PlayStation Stores? Now I have a Game pre ordered which I won't be able to understand....
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    Someone told me the disc version contains all the languages. So why not the download version??

    Edit: another Ubisoft employee told me: ..."All language options should be available in the US version. To be 100% sure I would advise checking with your retailer before purchase ensuring they are selling copies from the US."

    So what??
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