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    get rid of p2p servers.

    It was a real scum move for Ubisoft to release a FIGHTING MULTIPLAYER GAME, with p2p servers. You honestly can't even fight in duels because if someone lags, that's it. Time for bed. Guard breaks from nowhere, them teleporting everywhere, instant attacks. Its even worse in 4v4 as we all know. I Know 100% of people will believe me when I say, i got disconnected 8 times in a row in dominion, most of them were just outta nowhere. I dont think I can continue to play like this. I really can't. And why should I? So I can get ledged, ganked, disconnected from 7/10 games?
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    I feel you man! I hate the fact that they pretend nothing is wrong with this...!!!
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    I can understand the frustration, but we've already announced the move to dedicated servers. I don't have an update right now, but we'll share more news when it's available.
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    Its starting to get annoying because this problem was from the start about the server
    thats one,two first of all that anti cheating and all those connection errors when are
    those getting fixed. to be honest thats a mistake you make the game 60 Euro
    the least you can do is at least make the game pleasant for the buyer this game
    can go far if they at least work more on it not hatting on you just wanted to tell
    someone because yeah its really frustrating i believe for all of us.
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