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    Far Cry 2 Remaster

    Dear Far Cry 2 enthusiasts,

    Please keep posting and asking Ubisoft to remaster Far Cry 2! I have played all of the Far Cry games to date and the second one is, by far, my favorite! They remastered the first one and I have been waiting patiently on the second one to be remastered. Ubisoft is always listeningDon't give up hope!

    Dear Ubisoft,

    I have throughly enjoyed playing Far Cry 2 since I discovered it on the Xbox 360 in February of 2016. I have tried many times for my friends to play the game but they refuse because it's "so outdated." I, personally, don't mind the graphics, but today's gamers are all about the graphics. If you remastered Far Cry 2 and promoted it properly, I'm sure it will gain the attention of the younger generation who seem obsessed with nostalgia. I do not want this game to be forgotten.

    Thank you!
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    Great post, wish ubisoft would listen
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    I am wondering how ubisoft decides. I would prefer Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 remakes instead of Assassins Creed Rouge. Whats the Point? Number of Sales? Actual gaming amount? ??
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    I would love to see this redone! I find my self going back to it every now and then. I would love to see it on PS4. They could totally do away with the multiplayer and save some code. Even if Ubisoft didn't have the resources in-house they could hand it off to a remaster studio like Bluepoint. They did a very good job on the Uncharted series. Maybe a petition thread is in order?
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    Definitely. Played that SP several times. Such a simple but immersive game. Map implementation was the best of any open world game I’ve played - simple and fast, and not something you could do in a firefight (no pause while looking). Driving while trying to read map was also fun!

    But bring back MP too. It was flawed but crazy good fun. Played many hours despite being largely rubbish at it. Other players were fun and map makers were so creative.

    FC3 multiplayer was a massive disappointment and it went downhill from there...
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    I agree 100%. I would love a proper FC2 remaster much more than FC3 classic edition. I don't see the sense in this anyway, sure its cheaper, but nobody needs a FC3 Remaster which right now even seems to be console exclusive? Meh.

    A Far Cry 2 with updated mechanics and gameplay would be THE ****. Even though I think for all this a Remaster wouldn't be enough, more like Remake. But either way, I would be willing to pay full price for this. The atmosphere, location and the "rawness" of the african world was absolutely genius and an unforgetable experience for me. Yeah, ok, some of the gameplay elements were "meh", guard posts *cough cough*. Nowadays FC2 gameplay seemed more like a demo or hardcore mode of the FC3-5 gameplay.

    But if they make a new Far Cry game in Africa, like Far Cry 6, this would be fine for me too.
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    I'm super excited for the FC3 remaster, but yes, playing FC2 on a modern console would be just awesome.
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    I would LOVE for FC2 to be remastered!

    The map design, weather and music! omg.

    Still the best one out of the entire series.
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    Far Cry 2 on PS4 would be nice! Please consider it, Ubisoft.
    But it would be better if we could play the same custom maps that were made for PS3.
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    I played fc2 upon release and had a ball on single player, but the multiplayer was by far my favorite of all time of any game. The fc2 multiplayer community was absolutely the best. Ubisoft abandoned the dedicated servers which ruined the multiplayer community. Should Ubi do a remake of FC2, I would hope and pray that they bring back the lobby system and allow dedicated servers. The 2010 maps for FC2 were some of the most creative and fun to play. There were thousands and with dedicated servers the server admin always were having different maps so everything was fresh. That is what I miss most about FPS games nowadays, you have about 4-5 maps that you play over and over. FC2 game mode of Capture the DIamond is still the best I have ever experienced of any game mode from any game. IF you had the diamond your adrenalline was super high trying to return it to your base as well as trying to recapture your diamond if the enemy had it. With dedicated servers there were a lot of clan v clan tournaments where actual prizes were awarded. I met a lot of good people from all over the world that were fun to play with. aah, I could go on and on about how enjoyable fc2 was, I miss it soooo much!
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