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    Far Cry 2 Remaster

    Dear Far Cry 2 enthusiasts,

    Please keep posting and asking Ubisoft to remaster Far Cry 2! I have played all of the Far Cry games to date and the second one is, by far, my favorite! They remastered the first one and I have been waiting patiently on the second one to be remastered. Ubisoft is always listeningDon't give up hope!

    Dear Ubisoft,

    I have throughly enjoyed playing Far Cry 2 since I discovered it on the Xbox 360 in February of 2016. I have tried many times for my friends to play the game but they refuse because it's "so outdated." I, personally, don't mind the graphics, but today's gamers are all about the graphics. If you remastered Far Cry 2 and promoted it properly, I'm sure it will gain the attention of the younger generation who seem obsessed with nostalgia. I do not want this game to be forgotten.

    Thank you!
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    Great post, wish ubisoft would listen
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    I am wondering how ubisoft decides. I would prefer Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 remakes instead of Assassins Creed Rouge. Whats the Point? Number of Sales? Actual gaming amount? ??
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