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    Chessmaster wont start

    I keep getting this error message:

    There was an error while trying to Initialize the Game.

    I have already had a look at a similar thread about this:http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...e-cannot-start!

    When I check the 'DirectDraw Acceleration' and the 'Direct3D Acceleration' using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, it is impossible for me to enable these.

    I should add that I'm running Windows 7, on a brand new laptop, that was designed for windows 10. It was very tricky to get this install working. I had to seek professional help.
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    Based on what you've said, it's possible you do not have the correct drivers for your hardware. However, there are some more questions:

    1. When you installed, did you install as the Administrator?.
    2. Did you install the version of DirectX that came on the DVD?
    3. Did you install the updates for Chessmaster?
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    I did install as administrator

    I did install the Direct X that came on the DVD

    I did install the updates. I also tried not installing the updates as well.

    I think you might be right about the drivers. Windows wont let me install the drivers for graphics. So all I have is the standard VGA graphics adaptor that comes as default.

    So i guess my only option would be to revert back to windows 10, then I know I can definitely get all the drivers. Or if there was some way in which Chessmaster would work with only 2D boards, then perhaps that might work?
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    Well, Chessmaster does have a variety of 2D boards, but board selection happens after the game is started.

    I'd suggest looking on the manufacturer's website for Windows 7 drivers. If those aren't available for your hardware, then it appears your only option is to go back to Windows 10 so you'll have the correct drivers for your hardware.
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