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    The Division - PTS Beta Email but no code...


    I just got my PTS-Invitation (The Division) today but unfortunately clicking on "get code" didn't work. After logging into my account on ubisoft I can only see the last Beta for Division. No working Beta is listed there.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
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    Hey Daywalker,

    Could you list your gamertag here?

    At the moment, you need to contact Support and let them know you've received your invite email but no code was included under your Account Settings.
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    Same happened to me gamer tag jakefullen on Xbox one
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    hi ive been a player since day 1 i would love to get an invite to the pts plz
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    Yeah i got my invite too, accepted it, no code...gamertag TeAmBlAcKgUy7
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    1.8 PTS invite code

    I have received the 1.8 pts invite confirmed the invite and have not received a code??? Gamer tag chadsoj
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    No Code

    Same isssue. Xbox Gamer Tag

    SMG Vampire 814
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    Same here, ASD Berrushi

    and 3 other friends have the same problem

    ASD Emilio
    ASD ZeroDark
    ASD Ruxx
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    I got an invite to but no code

    gt: sN Mundane
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    No PTS XB1 code

    No PTS code received despite confirmed PTS participation e-mail
    XB`1 Gamer tag CoolheadedBrit
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