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    character customisation

    I was wondering seeing all the concept art lately of how much freedom you will get for the character customisation.
    For example I haven't seen a hybrid with a tail could there be an option to add or remove tails ect.
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    I'd like to ask a question myself

    How much customization will we have with the hybrids? Will we be able to like create for example a cat girl of sorts? Human face and body but with animal features such as tails ears,fur, etc... For the rhino can we have a human face and skin but keep the horn for the nose? For the shark can we have a human face and body but keep the teeth and skin? I;d love to create a cat girl, human with a rhino nose or a shark guy with human face or many other ideas. What is the extent and limitation do we have for customization of hybrids? Is it just select a type of hybrid and pick different type of skin or fur colors or select different types of pre-made faces/heads and body parts with the ability to make slight alterations?
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    At least I know how to draw
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    By the concept art it looks pretty extensive,but I've learned in the past years game developers promise alot and deliver very little, so here's hoping. I myself would like to make a dreadlocked lion but we won't onow until the game actually drops right.
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