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    I can't Install the Game on Windows 7

    My user account is that of an Administrator, the disk has been cleaned and all files from previous attempts to install it have been deleted. Yet I still keep getting the following message: 'Error 1603 Fatal Error during Installation'.

    The blue bar which shows the level of installation only goes about a quarter of the way and on the top left side of it there is a message saying 'Removing Applications'. It remains like this for about 3 minutes before I get the error message.

    any suggestions?
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    1. Make sure that you have all the updates for Windows 7 installed (including the Windows installer), along with any updated drivers.

    2. Temporarily disable and anti-virus and/or firewall software you're using.

    3. You may have an account with Administrator privileges, but that's not the same as installing as the Administrator. Navigate to the CD using Windows Explorer, right-click on Setup.exe and select 'Run As Administrator'.
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    I've done everything you recommended, expect for updating Windows Installer and drivers (which I don't know how to do), but I still get the same responce.
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    Perhaps you'd like to read the following:

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