View Poll Results: Want Ghost Recon Phantoms Back Or Not

257. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes We Want It Back as Like It Was To Be

    231 89.88%
  • Yes Want It Back Controled by BatelEye

    94 36.58%
  • Give Server File To Other To Host The Game

    57 22.18%
  • Want To Hangout On That Game

    14 5.45%
  • Dont Want It Back

    1 0.39%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. #61

    Please bring back Ghost Recon Phantoms

    Please bring back Ghost Recon Phantoms like it used to be. I loved buying the guns and armor. The online game was awesome. Sell it to some other franchise. I'm sick of falling out of an airplane.
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  2. #62

    please brg back ghost recon phantom

    please brg back that game as much as it was a pain bec of hackers but at the same time it was a game most friends hung out and had fun together and i liked the game and was alot of fun to play
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  3. #63


    It would be nice to play a game that you love again.
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  4. #64

    Shattered dreams

    I used to think that when the farm I was back to computer games, this would be the first game i will play.
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  5. #65

    GRP is unique.

    After GRP, I have not play a single fps shooter game. Not even rainbow six siege or playerunknown battlegrounds, etc.. Just non of the precision and mechanism is in match with GRP. I rather now play actions, and sports games instead. But if one day, they redesign and bring it back on. I m ready for it.
    This votes are lesser estimate since ppl don't come out and it. My guess the numbers should be in over thousands
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  6. #66

    Please bring back grp

    Please bring back grp
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  7. #67

    Download Videos

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  8. #68
    Bring grp back
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  9. #69
    Ghost Recon Online (Phantoms) was a pretty wacky made game with heavy reliance on paid stuff. Nonetheless I've had a lot of fun with my friends being raped by those who paid for premium toys Our goal was to learn to own them without spending a ruble.
    This was a great class based game.
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  10. #70
    #bring grp back!
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